YouTube will now remind you to comment respectfully

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As part of an effort to improve comments on the platform, YouTube will now ask you to reconsider potentially offensive comments.

The comments section on YouTube has long been seen as a place lacking in moral fiber. YouTube is making a series of improvements to try to make its community more welcoming and inclusive, one of which is reminding people to think before posting potentially offensive comments.

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YouTube Adds New Respect Reminder

As advertised on YouTube blog , the videos website is launching a new feature that will alert users when their comment may be offensive to others.

The reminder may appear before posting a comment that has been automatically detected as potentially offensive.

“Keep comments respectful,” the notice read. “If you are not sure if your comment is appropriate, read our community guidelines.”

The main action on the reminder is to edit the comment, or you can choose to post it as is anyway.

YouTube is hoping this reminder causes users to take a break and reconsider their comment, in the hopes of leading to better and more understanding discussions.

The system learns what a potentially offensive comment is based on what other users have reported. YouTube notes that the system is constantly learning and does not always function properly, which is why the notification contains a link to leave comments.

This new feature is just a reminder. This does not mean that your comment will not be deleted later, as it violates community guidelines, nor does it prevent the comment from being deleted by the channel owner.

According to YouTube, the creators said they wanted better protection against hurtful comments. As such, YouTube is testing a new filter in YouTube Studio.

This filter allows creators to hide inappropriate and hurtful comments that were automatically taken for review. While creators can still see these comments if they choose, they will no longer be immediately confronted with them.

YouTube also says it is streamlining comment moderation tools to make the process easier, although it has not specified what the changes are.

The company also continues to improve its technology that removes hateful comments taking into account the subject of the video. Since early 2019, the platform has increased the number of daily hate speech comment deletions 46-fold. In the last quarter, 54,000 channels were closed for hate speech.

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Watch YouTube Videos Off YouTube

It’s great that YouTube is cleaning up its comments section, but there is still a long way to go. If you’re tired of YouTube comments, be sure to check out our guide on how to watch YouTube videos without even visiting the site.

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