YouTube now supports HDR live broadcasts

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YouTube is now apparently the first major platform to support live HDR.

You can now stream live to YouTube in high dynamic range (HDR). The new feature is already live and YouTube claims it is the first major platform to support live HDR streams.

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How to stream to YouTube in HDR

As of today, you can now stream to YouTube in HDR. This means your streams will have more vibrant and lifelike colors for those who are able to watch on devices that support HDR.

HDR is not a new feature for YouTube. In fact, the videos website added support for HDR videos in 2016. However, being able to live stream in HDR is apparently a first for major streaming platforms.

Live streaming in HDR is available to anyone who has the equipment and encoder to support it.

For example, if you want to stream HDR game content, the game must support it, just like the monitor or TV, and you must use a compatible encoder.

At the moment, the only compatible software encoder is Mirillis Action. For hardware, you can use any encoder with HLS, Cobalt or Telestream output.

The complete list of compatible software and hardware encoders, along with instructions on how they should be configured, can be found on theYouTube help .

Although currently only HDR10 and HLG standards are supported, YouTube says it hopes to offer more in the future.

How to Watch YouTube in HDR

If you are watching a stream that is broadcast in HDR and you are using a device that supports HDR, you will automatically see the content in HDR.

In accordance with the YouTube help , supported devices include the following:

  • The YouTube app on HDR TVs.
  • Cast to Chromecast Ultra devices connected to HDR TVs.
  • Android-based mobile devices with an HDR display.
  • Windows PC and Mac with HDR graphics and HDR display support.

If you meet the requirements, you should see an “HDR” badge in the video quality settings menu. You don’t need to activate anything – the stream will automatically run in HDR.

If you don’t see this badge or your device doesn’t support HDR, you’ll still be able to watch the live stream, but it will only be in standard dynamic range.

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Do You Need HDR?

If you’ve never experienced HDR, you might be wondering if it’s worth it. While HDR is definitely an improvement, a lot of streaming content still doesn’t support it.

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