You should seriously use crossbows in Albion Online

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Every MMORPG player has a favorite weapon, and also a weapon they really don’t like or absolutely hate. Albion online tends to surprise players, and the developers have actually managed to convince me that crossbows, a type of weapon that I generally avoid, is the absolute best weapon for the game. Today I will share with you my reasons for playing with Crossbows in Albion online, as well as some basic information and some good crossbow builds.

Crossbows are good for both new and experienced Albion Online players

When I first started playing the game I was overwhelmed with the fact that there are no classes and we can just switch between the different weapons in the game at any time so I went with this which seemed the most comfortable to me: the bow.

Every MMO I play, I tend to go with the bow or the stick. However, I soon learned that the arc was very limited in PvE, so I ended up swapping it for a fire stick. It never even occurred to me to try the crossbow.

Since the game is quite complex, I started watching streamers and YouTubers to help me get the gist of the game, and eventually I ran into Jacky Ace. This YouTuber taught me a lot about Albion online, and my absolute favorite thing was watching him sweep the ground with enemies in Hellgates while using a crossbow.

Albion crossbow online

Advantages of the crossbow

The crossbow is hands down one of the most complete and versatile weapons in the game. You would think that a crossbow is only good for long range battles, and while that is somewhat true, this weapon is endowed with many special skills that will help complete what it lacks in close range combat:

  • Invisibility and increased movement speed.
  • A magical barrier around the player that reflects damage received on the attacker, while increasing player resistance.
  • Increased damage and healing power.
  • Lots of physical damage, consequently reducing the target’s armor and magic resist.

These are just the skills and perks associated with using Boltcasters. Each individual crossbow will provide better perks or just different perks.

Types of crossbows in Albion Online

  • Light cross. The Light Cross is the meta-weapon of the moment, perfect for PvE and HCE. It’s a weapon that switches between direct damage and area damage with its powerful bomb. Out of all the crossbows, this is my favorite, and it has the ability to use freehand.
  • Siege Bow. The siege bow is one of the most used crossbows on ZvZs, for its special advantages. It can also be used for PvE, although it’s not designed for that.
  • Boltcaster. The Boltcaster is a 1v1 weapon, and it works well for Avalonian dungeons, due to its massive damage. It can be used in PvP, although it is easily outmatched by other weapons.
  • Repeater in tears. If you’ve never stepped on a ZvZ mine and died, you’re in luck. This weapon, while it doesn’t appear to be, is a ZVZ beast! Any of these in the middle of a ZvZ can completely change the tide of battle. Its AoE damage is incredibly good and this crossbow can also be used for PvE.
  • Crossbow. The crossbow is a snipe weapon. It can be pretty deadly in a ZvZ and a lot of people who use it there tend to use Rambo. With the right construction, this weapon can destroy key players in a ZvZ, such as the healer and high level DPS. As for PvE, it’s one of the most useless weapons around.
  • Energy Shaper. This Avalonian crossbow has a lot of potential. It’s insanely good, although to be fair its price almost never outweighs the damage it inflicts.

These are the main types of crossbows, all of which I recommend, although choose your crossbow wisely and depending on the situation you plan to use it in.

Albion crossbow online

Special construction for Boltcasters

There are countless versions that you can create with crossbows and you should always adjust the versions for their purpose.

For example, if you are a solo player and want to flip this Boltcaster in an Avalonian dungeon, then a good building option is:

  • Hunter’s Hood
  • Druid robe
  • Tenacity Shoes
  • Boltcasters

Special construction for light crossbow

On the other hand, if you are leaning more towards a light crossbow, then a good build that you should consider using is:

  • Mercenary Hood
  • Cleric robe
  • Mage’s sandals
  • Light crossbow
  • Cryptcandle
  • Mutton Stew
  • Poison potion

This version is suitable for both PvP and PvE.

So there you have it. If you’ve never used crossbows Albion online before, I really hope you will give them at least a try, because they might surprise you. They really surprised me.

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