you can now perform actions via the address bar

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Google Chrome 87 embeds a new feature that should make life easier for users. Who can now command actions to the browser through the address bar. We explain to you.

Our time is precious. And that, Google understood it well. In order to make browsing on Chrome more fluid, the web giant is currently deploying a feature that is appreciable to say the least. This is called Chrome Actions. Its principle? Perform actions by going directly through the address bar.

A little scenario is needed. You wish at all costs clear your Chrome browsing history for reasons that are up to you. Instead of going to find the corresponding section by clicking on the menu, you can now type the command in the address bar.

In this case, write in the latter the formula “delete history” – or other keywords relating to this action. The browser will then allow you to run through the displayed results. This time it is therefore not unwanted suggestions that you would like to remove from the Google Chrome address bar.

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Google Chrome: here are the commands already available

A feature that allows you to save significant time. Especially in people who strum on their keyboard faster than their shadow. For the time being, only six actions are accessible using this new process. In detail, it is thus possible to erase the browsing data, access the management of payment methods and launch a private browsing window.

In addition, you can also ask the browser to access the password manager, updates. It is finally possible to translate a page via the address bar. By testing Chrome Actions, we noticed that all the commands in French were not yet recognized by the browser. So far, we’ve only managed to ask it to delete history, manage passwords, or translate a page. The other actions will probably be available in the next few days.

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