Windows 11 creates empty folders in the system directory

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Windows 11 automatically creates hundreds of empty folders in the System32 directory just like the bug on the Windows 10 operating system, folders that start with ” tw “ Where ” se “And which end with the extension”.tmp Which means that these are temporary files.

The operating system Windows 11 and to test its integrity, some of its programs and tools need to create these folders in order to perform tasks and treatments within the limit of a few temporary folders only, but several users have reported the creation of empty folders in the hundreds in the System32 folder.

This problem has also been encountered on Windows 10 since 2019 but without having serious consequences for the computer, and we are talking about ProvTool.exe, an executable and Provisioning Package Runtime Processing tool (which is part of the system components created by Microsoft) which would be at the origin of this bug.

This bug is in no way critical or caused by a virus, if you can locate and detect these empty folders you can delete them at any time and it does not affect the stability of your operating system.

To check if you are one of the concerned, nothing could be simpler. Just take this route: C:> Windows> System32> config> systemprofile> AppData> Local. If you come across multiple folders starting with “tw” with the extension. tmp is that you are facing the problem.

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