Windows 10 won’t run on taskbar Fix it with our tutorial

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Hello geeks

How are you. As I am bored of trying to know something new to break the feeling of boredom, so I have come to know some of the solutions to the errors and I will provide the free service that the user can take advantage of these apps and j thought you are also interested in knowing about that. And don’t worry, I will explain the app to you in detail and provide you with the clear way to access this app for free, so let’s get into the topic.

If you are having Windows taskbar not working issues, read on to learn how to fix Windows 10 taskbar issues on your Windows PC / Laptop.

Tap the icons on the taskbar but nothing happens? Or are the taskbar icons not showing? Or worse, isn’t it in the taskbar at all?

Windows 10 taskbar is not working:

  1. Windows 10 taskbar not clickable – Many users reported that they could not press their task button. You can’t use your taskbar at all, so it can be a big deal.
  2. Windows 10 frozen taskbar-Sometimes your taskbar may stop responding. In fact, several users reported that the taskbar was frozen full.
  3. Not working correctly right click on taskbar – Many users reported that their taskbar is not working with the correct button. However, by using one of our approaches, you should be able to resolve this issue.
  4. Taskbar thumbnails don’t work – Taskbar thumbnails don’t seem to work, according to user reports. The taskbar preview will not work for you if you are facing this problem.
  5. Pinto taskbar not working – For faster access, users tend to add their favorite programs to the taskbar. Most consumers have suggested, however, that this feature does not work for them.
  6. Locate the taskbar, the taskbar not working for self-help-Inability to turn off or completely cover the taskbar is another problem with the taskbar. It’s a little problem.
  7. Check taskbar in Windows 10, not running – Users reported that they were not happy with the search feature. In particular, if you regularly access applications using the search function, it can be a major problem.
  8. Taskbar not working – Several users reported taskbar issues during startup. This means that you cannot use the Windows 10 taskbar at all.
  9. Jump List The taskbar does not work – Some users reported that the jump lists do not work on their computer. This can be a problem if you regularly use shortcut lists to access newly used files.
  10. Cortana taskbar not working – According to some apps, Cortana does not seem to work on its taskbar.
  11. Don’t work on taskbar buttons – A relatively common taskbar problem. Some people have reported that the taskbar buttons are not working, but you need one of our solutions to be able to fix this problem.

Windows 10 does not work in the taskbar

What’s really new about the Windows 10 taskbar?

The taskbar was an aesthetic and functional upgrade when Windows 10 launched in 2015, similar to much of the operating system.

The major change is the introduction, as a means of communication with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant, of a search box. When you’re not involved with that button, right-click on the taskbar and choose Cortana> Remove Cortana Icon to remove a much less distracting icon or Hide.

The mission screen button is on the right side of the search bar. This useful function allows you to view all the windows that you have already opened. It also offers a way to create virtual desktops.

You will separate the different windows and programs into individual instances using virtual desktops. Now you can create a different working machine than you use for a lunch break to browse the web.

You can also use the timeline feature in Windows 10 task view. This gives you a history of everything you’ve done in recent times so you can safely go back to a previous task.

For Windows 10, the new taskbar is very well regulated. We’ll focus on troubleshooting below, and check out our full rear bar customization guide if that’s what you’re looking for.

You should go back to a fully functional taskbar with these tips in the drag.

Method 1: Restart Windows Explorer with Task Manager.

>> Step 1) To start task management, press Ctrl + Shift + ESC or right click on a taskbar.

>> Step 2) If you don’t see the big screen, click More Info.

>> Step 3) In the Processes tab, right click Windows Explorer and select Restart.

>> Step 4) Test the taskbar again and see if it works until the screen refreshes. Here is another way to restart using CMD if you cannot restart and use task manager.

Method 2: Restart Windows Explorer CMD.

They will do all of this with Explorer.exe, which is the Windows Explorer file and can disable and run any task using CMD.

How can I do it:

  • Click Windows logo key + X and choose the Prompt (Admin) button instead.
  • To get permission, click Yes.
  • Once CMD has started, write this command in task / f / im explorer.exe to complete the Windows Explorer process, then click on the Enter button.
  • The taskbar, the background and the desktop images are moved. Type explorer.exe, then click Enter. It’s time to come back.

Everything should be in order now, find it now and keep reading for other methods if you are still having trouble.

Method 3): disable other startup services

Maybe the cause is an external program that starts at the edge. Therefore, all non-Microsoft applications should be removed from initialization.

Fortunately, there is a complete guide to disable and allow startup programs and disable non-Microsoft apps like we said and restart the system to see if it works.

Method 4): Find the latest version of Windows 10.

Checking for patches is one of the best ways to troubleshoot any Windows issue. Tons of bug fixes are available for every download. Many people have reported the problem in the taskbar every now and then until their Windows version is updated to the latest version. It is then preferable to aim it:

>> Step 1) Open Start menu settings.

>> Step 2) Visit Updates & Security for more information.

>> Step 3) Click on the Check for Updates button and then your computer will search, download and install any alerts that it may come across. Windows 10-Taskbar-Not-Working-Solution-4b.

You will launch new updates after you download and install them. Now see if the taskbar is working fine and if not, here is another way to fix it.

Method 5) View old points for restoration.

A practical solution is to come back on time and avoid a problem, right? If all of the above approaches fail, you need to try this one: This is why:

  • Check the recovery and access control panel.
  • Restore the open system.
  • Then click.
  • Next Windows-10-Taskbar-Not-Working-Solution-5c Choose the previous point when the problem was not yet there and click Next. Choose the previous point.
  • Click on Finish.

Final conclusion: –

From now on, the above techniques and methods will provide you with easy ways to overcome the problem. all of the above methods are clean and clear, i.e. with the aim of being easy to understand by the normal user. that’s it guys.

Thank you geeks if any requests drop the request in the comment box. Here I am free to give the instructions for all queries related to windows, androids and Apple devices will be cleared here in my blog. The only thing you need to do is leave a comment and then I will respond in the following content. So if you have any problem with your device, I will provide you with a solution for this problem.

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