Widgets ≫ How to add shortcuts and shortcuts

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Widgets are blocks of direct access to certain applications, which are included in the main screens of your smartphone. Thanks to widgets you can go directly to an app or see important information such as messaging, time, weather, event dates, among others. In other words, we can also say that they serve as a shortcut to access a specific tool through the main screen.

In reality, to create a widget It is only necessary long press an empty space on the screen and select the option “Widget”. With this you will see a list of shortcuts that you can add to your device based on the apps that have this type of tool. With this in mind, this tutorial is made with the aim of explaining what widgets are, what they are used for, how to download, add and remove them from the mobile screen.

Widgets are removable and they can add, adjust or delete from main screen. Therefore, in the following sections, you will observe the procedure for each action that you want to take.

Add from the main screen

TO add widgets from your Android smartphone screen, you just have to follow the steps which will be explained below:

  1. Tap an empty space on the screen main cell phone.
  2. A series of options will open. To choose “Widgets”.
  3. Swipe and choose the widget of your preference. When you have chosen it, hold it down and release it in the space of your choice on the screen.
  4. To adjust it, press and hold the widget again and release it. If the size can be adjusted, you will see the entire perimeter around the widget. Tap one of its corners to change its proportion.

To note: Some widgets require specific access, for example, in case you need to create direct access to a chat or a person’s number, you should choose the contact from WhatsApp messaging, Telegram or phone book.

Add from apps

It should be noted that with these steps you will get create a shortcut of the applications of your choice. One of the differences with widgets is that you can select a specific shortcut, for example, open a special contact’s chat. But if you are only looking to open the app directly, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Applications”.
  2. Search in the app to which you want to create the shortcut. Press it without lifting your finger.
  3. Now, place it anywhere on the screen and release your finger to be included among other applications.

TO delete a widget or shortcut on Android just tap and hold the app or widget and drag it to the option that saysRemove“,”Remove“Or one”X“At the top of the screen (this will depend on which version of Android you have). You will automatically see that the shortcut will be completely erased.

How to remove a widget

Create shortcuts for the most used applications

If you want create shortcuts for the apps you use the most on your mobile phone, you only have to perform the steps that have been explained in the section “How to add from applications”. If you have too many apps, you can create groups or folders organize space. To do so, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Long press an app and attach it to another.How to create shortcuts for the most used applications step 1
  2. Open the folder and click on “Unnamed folder“It’s up to you to modify and add an identifier.How to create shortcuts for the most used applications step 2

Download more widgets

To download more widgets, you need to download apps and these will offer the shortcuts to their particular tools. Some of the most commonly used and the procedure for add, adjust and delete widgets it is the same in all cases.

To see the weather

If you like to see the weather or know what degrees Celsius a certain city is in, you can find the weather widget by following the steps described above or activate a weather page as a shortcut to the home screen. To do this, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Writing “Weather in (city name)in google.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots that appear next to the city name.How to add widgets to see the weather step 2
  3. Hurry “Add to main screen”.How to add widgets to see the weather step 3
  4. You will automatically see how a weather shortcut is created in your area.

To view the calendar

How to add widgets to display the calendar
If you want directly see the agenda of your agenda or you want to preview the entire month, then press a blank screen space, press “Widgets” and go to “Google Calendar”. Long press one of the available options and drop it in the desired space on the home screen.

To check the time

How to add widgets to see the time
TO display the time from the main screen, you have two types of watches: Analogue and digital. Complete all the necessary steps to enter the widgets and in the list, search for “Clock”. Select the one you like the most.

To view messages

How to add widgets to display messages
The review of posts that you can add as widgets is from the WhatsApp or Telegram messaging. You have the possibility to create a direct chat or view messages from the home screen.

To view the mail

How to add widgets to verify Gmail
Gmail has some widgets that make it easier to access
and review by e-mail. All you have to do is tap the empty space on your screen, tap on “Widgets” and search for “Gmail”. You will have at your disposal a “Gmail 3 × 3” which you can locate on one of the main screens to consult the emails you receive from the main status bar.

To call a contact directly

How to add widgets to send a message or directly call a contact
Having direct contact on the screen is a way to save time in an emergency. Via “Contacts”, you have the possibility to make a direct call or write a direct message to a special person.

Spotify or music player

How to add widgets to play music
The music player
, both from Spotify and other apps, also has a shortcut widget in which you can play the songs or the playlist of your choice. You can choose between a 3 × 3 or 4 × 2 layout to save screen space.


With KWGT from the Play Store, you have the option to design custom widgets of all kinds or any function. All tools will be available for create your own designs that make it easier to access certain tasks. If you want to download it, just click on this link.

The process for add widgets or shortcuts to the screen from your Smartphone will not take long. In fact, when you download the apps, they automatically create a shortcut to the home screen.

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