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Is your PC showing slowdowns? Is he virus-infested? Want to get it back to factory settings with the goal of reselling it? If, despite all your attempts to try to boost it or fix the problems, it still persists, it is probably time to reset it. If your machine is quite old, you should have kept the recovery CDs that will allow you to do this, but if your PC is newer, the manufacturers no longer issue them. Fortunately, there are solutions that will allow you to reset it.

We will explain everything to you in detail.

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What is a PC reset and why do it?

Reset a PC is to restore it to factory condition, that is to say, to new with only Windows as well as the software previously installed by default. Very useful maneuver especially when the computer (even if you have a powerful computer) becomes too slow. This can be due to too many applications installed, a large volume of files and temporary files, some updates that are too heavy … Resetting is sometimes the ultimate solution to achieve restore the pc to its initial state if the various cleaning techniques were not enough to restore it to its former vigor. We also have an article for you if you are looking for other solutions to boost your slow computer.

It could also be that the problem is directly with Windows, which can be corrupted. In a case like this, resetting the PC becomes necessary if your various attempts to launch it have failed.

Finally, if you want to give or sell your pc, it is best to make sure you have nothing left. You probably wouldn’t like to be able to access data such as photos, personal documents, etc. So it is better to put it back in the same state as when you turned it on the first time.

Resetting your PC: what are the consequences?

Resetting a PC is not a trivial action, it can have serious consequences if you do not prepare for it in advance. As seen previously, using this solution will have the effect of back to square one. Thus, all your files, accounts, settings, settings, documents and applications will be permanently deleted from the hard drive. We therefore recommend that you save your personal data as well as those of all user accounts present in an external hard drive, a USB key or even an SD card before embarking on the adventure.

Another point, if your PC is running Windows 10, by resetting it, the Go Back option will also be erased, which means that you will no longer be able to revert to a previous version of Windows 10.

How to reset your PC in Windows 7 without CD?

Today, a large majority of PCs no longer have a DVD reader-writer, manufacturers no longer provide recovery media. Don’t panic, Microsoft and the manufacturers are doing it right and offering you different ways to reset your PC to factory settings. Now let’s see how to reset your computer according to its brand.

Reset your Asus PC

  • Maintain F9 at startup> Enter> Windows Setup [EMS Enabled] > Next
  • There are three options available to you. The one that interests us for resetting your acer laptop is the one called Recover Windows to entire HD with 2 partitions.
  • If your Asus is a mini PC (Eee PC), here are the steps to follow:
  • Maintain F2 from power on> Setup Utility> Boot> Boot Booster> Enter> click Disabled> last Exit tab> Select Exit and save changes.
  • This action initially allows you to deactivate the boost which is used to turn on your computer more quickly.
  • To reset, start your Netbook and press F9 until the loading screen appears. The restoration program is responsible for preparing the files useful for the action. Validate your choice by clicking on yes, the restoration is carried out.

Reset your Acer PC

Click on the Start menu> All Programs> Acer> Acer eRecovery Manager icon> Yes> Restore (on the left of the window)> Completely restore the system to its factory default settings> Yes> Start> OK.

Reset your HP PC

For your hp laptop, follow these steps:

Launch HP Recovery Manager> Advanced options (bottom left)> Factory restore> Validate

How to reset your PC in Windows 8 without CD?

Reset your Asus PC

To factory reset your asus laptop, here are the steps to follow:

Settings> Change PC settings> General> Remove all and reinstall Windows> Reset> Update and recovery> Remove all and reinstall Windows> Next> All drives> Clean drive completely> Reset.

Reset your Acer PC

Windows + C> Search> write Recovery> Acer Recovery Management> Restore Factory Defaults> Next> Clean the drive completely> Restore

Reset your HP PC

Advanced Boot Options> HP Recovery Manager> Factory Restore

How to reset your PC in Windows 10 without CD?

Reset your Asus PC

Start> Settings> Update & Security> Recovery> Reset this PC> Start> Reset to factory values> Reset

Reset your Acer PC

Windows 10 Advanced Boot Options> Troubleshooting> Factory Image Restore> Restore Now> Next> Click on ” I understand that performing a factory reset will delete all files from my hard drive and reformat it ”> Next> Finish.

Reset your HP PC

Start menu> Settings> Update & security> Recovery> Start> Reset this PC> Remove all> Clean the drive completely> Reset.

How to reset a locked or frozen PC?

It may happen that the PC is completely blocked and you cannot turn it on normally. Fortunately, it is still possible to “shake” it to force it to eat:

Hold the On / Off button until Windows 10 launches which will offer you to perform an automatic repair.

If this method is unsuccessful, you will need to attempt to start your operating system with additional help. If you don’t have an original Windows DVD or USB stick, you will be able to download them. here from another computer and save them to removable media.

Next, you will have to access the PC’s BIOS settings by forcing the computer to boot from this media and start the installation. Choose the Repair computer option and select Reset PC.

What to do if you have a problem resetting the PC?

If the reset process was unsuccessful or has crashed and you receive the message: “We encountered a problem resetting the PC”, you will not be able to start Windows. You will therefore need to click Cancel to return to Windows recovery options. Click Continue to restart your operating system.

What is the difference between resetting and formatting your PC?

These two operations are not quite similar since formatting is equivalent to erasing the disk of the PC in order to write a file system there, while resetting consists of erasing the contents of the disk in order to reinstall the system. operating system as well as the manufacturer’s software and files to reset it as if it came out of the store.

If with all this information you are unable to regain the performance of your PC, maybe it’s time to change it? Think of resell your laptop. And instead of buying a new one, think of a laptop reconditioned, to save up to 70% of the new price!

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