Why should you use multiple web browsers?

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Many people use multiple web browsers, but you might be wondering why. Here are some of the reasons for doing so.

When exploring the Internet, it is not necessary to limit yourself to a single browser. You can use multiple browsers to explore the various benefits they offer while protecting your privacy.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to consider using multiple browsers.

What is browser compartmentalization?

With browser compartmentalization, you can use different browsers for different activities. Using separate browsers prevents businesses from tracking information between sites. Tracking cookies is quite difficult when someone is using different browsers. Hence, you can rest assured that your privacy is protected to some extent.

For effective partitioning, you must download at least two different browsers. One of them should be used as a login browser only, while others can be used for navigation.

The login-only browser is used to log into sites where your name and other personal information is required. It is not possible for digital businesses to combine this data with information while you are browsing the web, when you are browsing the internet with the other browser.

Splitting web activity gives you better privacy and anonymity without risking your information. You should also make sure that you maintain strict control over the browsers dedicated to their particular use while browsing the Internet.

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Benefits of using multiple web browsers

Using multiple browsers on the same computer allows you to stay signed in to sites with multiple accounts. You can check how a website works in different browsers and take advantage of extensions for each browser.

Here are other advantages of having multiple browsers:

1. Unique features

Web browsers differ in their feature set. For example, Google Chrome offers a unique feature of sharing bookmarks between your devices. So, if you bookmark Chrome on your phone, it will also reflect when you use your PC, as long as you are signed in to the same account. Firefox is a privacy-focused browser that includes various anti-tracking technologies to block ads.

Likewise, Microsoft Edge is an alternative browser engine to Internet Explorer. It offers Read Aloud which allows users to read the content of a web page. the Apple’s Safari browser ensures the safety of its users. It has an effective third-party tracking blocking capability to prevent cookies from tracking users with targeted advertisements.

2. Personal preference

Different web browsers have different interfaces and you can choose the one that works best for you. You may like a particular feature of a browser and stick to it.

For example, Safari displays a pop-up window when a download is in progress, while Chrome has an interface where downloads are displayed at the bottom of the page. Both approaches are good, but you may prefer one over the other.

3. Reduce the risk of exposure to monitoring

Web browsers track your activities on the Internet using cookies. Cookies are like codes stored on your computer that allow websites to create your profile.

Although generally harmless, cookies include your search history, interests, location, and other information. This information can be used by companies to target you for advertising campaigns, etc.

Using various web browsers will reduce the amount of information you share and prevent websites from collecting your information, keeping you safe.

4. Several browsers allow easy deletion of information

When you only use one browser to store your information, it can be difficult to remove certain details when necessary. You will have to go through each item and delete the information manually instead of erasing all the data. Using multiple browsers and distributing activities between them makes it easy to delete certain data with just one click.

5. Increase in productivity

The Internet is used for various activities such as browsing social networks, emailing, reading blogs, and more. When using a single web browser, all activities can overlap, making old content harder to find. Separate browsers help you stay organized and increase your productivity level.

6. Separate personal and professional tasks

Using multiple browsers helps keep your activities separate, especially when using the same computer for personal and business browsing.

For example, your company might give you a Google Workspace account with a Gmail address. Instead of switching between Google accounts in the same window, you can opt for a professional browser and a personal browser. Each will remain logged in to the appropriate account.

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The advantages are clear

If you use your computer for various tasks, the advantages of using multiple browsers are obvious. Using multiple browsers allows you to separate your activities and protects you from sharing your personal information.

Whichever web browser you choose, it’s worth taking the time to learn about the features it offers.

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