Why is an orange or green dot displayed on the iPhone screen?

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Have you just noticed the appearance of an orange or green dot at the top right of your iPhone’s status bar? Rest assured, you are not the only one. This is neither the bug nor the misuse of an application but a protection put in place by Apple. We will explain everything to you.

What does the colored dot in the iOS status bar mean?

Since installing iOS 14 on your iPhone (or iPad) you may have noticed the appearance of new color indicators at the top right of the screen, just above the icon indicating the power network signal (4G or 5G).

Once the astonishment has passed, you will certainly wonder what it is for. No need to be alarmed, however. This is actually a new feature unique to iOS 14 aimed at reassuring and protecting iPhone and iPad users.

Concretely how does it work? Well it’s very simple. As soon as an app uses your mobile device’s microphone or webcam, the light will automatically turn on to let you know that your privacy is potentially at risk.

This feature is particularly useful for keeping an eye on what all the apps running in the background on the iPhone are doing. We now know that some applications try to grab personal data. This system should make things a lot more transparent for iPhone users.

What is the orange point

The orange dot appears in your iPhone’s status bar when an application is using the microphone of your phone. However, keep in mind that this is an indicator and not a security alert.

If you’re using Siri, WhatsApp, or voice dictation, it makes sense to see the orange dot appear on your phone or tablet screen. This behavior is completely normal. No need to be overly alarmed.

But if, on the other hand, it appears when you are not using any audio function on your device, it might be a good idea to contact the developer or delete the application. You may be the victim of a hack.

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