Which wireless gaming headset to choose?

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Today, video game developers are causing a stir in sound immersion. The sound is more and more worked. Complete sound immersion is essential to ensure better performance, but also to benefit from optimal playing comfort. The wireless gaming headset, like PCs, mice and glasses for gamer, is one of the most important accessories for today’s gamers. But which one to choose, with the different models currently available on the market?

HyperX Cloud Flight: the benchmark in wireless gaming headphones

In the world of gaming, the HyperX brand is renowned for the quality of its several models of headsets. If the famous Cloud 2 presented on https://mon-set-up-gaming.fr/hyperx-cloud-ii/ remains an excellent choice, the new Cloud Flight model has become a real benchmark in just a few months after its release.

Careful presentation and unparalleled comfort, these are the first two essential criteria that distinguish this revolutionary wireless gaming headset. Thanks to its structure and its construction, you will have the pleasure of playing for hours without feeling the slightest discomfort. As for the audio quality and the microphone quality, they are present in the model and even generate a rich and balanced sound.

Even though it was specially designed for gamers, the HyperX Cloud Flight headphones can also lend themselves to your music listening. With a robust construction, it is not the most flexible, but still remains the most comfortable as a gaming headset. Freedom is also at the rendezvous with the Cloud Flight which only requires a USB key to be connected to your device. Its long battery life of 30 hours is one of its greatest assets!

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless: more complete and practical

If you are looking for the most complete wireless gaming headset in the industry, you can only make the best choice with the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. As solid as it is comfortable, while presenting itself with beautiful finishes, it can only be appreciated by gamers these days.

Functioning as well on PC as on PS4, this wireless gaming headset comes with a box or a station allowing the management of all the parameters, as well as the recharging of the second battery. It differs from other gaming headset models by offering two connection possibilities: the Wi-Fi wireless connection and the Bluetooth connection.

For any gamer looking for a headset that contains the various elements of a high-end model, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is the choice par excellence. Performance, comfort and practicality come together with this wireless gaming headset. Its only downside is its high price. A high price which will however be offset by the high quality and great performance of this complete gaming headset which will allow you to better appreciate your gaming experiences. video games.

which wireless gaming headset to choose advice

The Logitech G935: the top of the range

IPhone and Xiaomi are among the biggest brands of Android smartphones Nowadays. In the gaming world, Hyper X and Logitech G are the ones that enjoy greater reputations, above all, thanks to the high quality of their wireless gaming headset models. Thus, the famous G935 succeeds the G933, a high-end model. Clear improvements are noted on the new model G935, both technically and aesthetically.

On the performance side, that of the G935 greatly exceeds that of the G933, while the latter already showed very good performance. So, you can only expect the best with this Logitech G 935 wireless gaming headset. There is 2.4 GHz RF connectivity. The G935 can also be used wired via 3.5 mm jack. With its larger ear cups and equipped with leatherette ear cushions, it has excellent passive insulation and thus allows every gamer to enjoy a better feeling of immersion.

In addition, the microphone has also been revised. Installed on the left atrium and retractable at will, it offers better capture. For this high-end model, you won’t need a big budget, since Logitech G has lowered its prices.

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