Which USB-C adapter to buy to accompany your iPhone 12?

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For environmental reasons, Apple has decided to withdraw headphones (except for France because the law of July 12, 2010 requires manufacturers to provide “an accessory to limit the exposure of the head to radioelectric emissions”) and chargers. boxes of its new flagships As a result, new buyers do not have an AC adapter, despite the presence of a USB-C charging cable.

To help you find the adapter that will boost your iPhone, we’ve put together your best alternatives. Before that, we explain the reasons that prompted Apple to remove this flagship accessory from the box.

IPhone 12 without charger

During their launch, Apple confirmed that the four new iPhone 12 models will not have chargers or headphones.

They come with a USB-C to Lightning cable, via which you can charge them as long as you have a USB-C adapter or a USB-C port on your computer. However, if the only adapter plugs you have are for the older USB standard, then it won’t work.

Note that according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the Apple brand will also abandon the charger for other models, such as the iPhone SE.

The reason for such absence

To some extent, Apple’s decision makes sense as the majority of buyers already have the adapter needed to charge their device.

The same goes for headphones, except for the exceptional case of France, mentioned previously. Indeed, many users are getting rid of it in favor of their own intras, or even AirPods which have become more and more popular.

Lisa Jackson, the vice president of environmental political and social initiatives, justified this decision at the Hi, Speed ​​conference. She announced that already more than 700 million Lightning headphones had been sold around the world. There are also over two billion Apple adapters around the world, not including those sold by third-party manufacturers.

To this, she added that the removal of these excess accessories also led to a reduction in the size of the boxes, and thus the carbon emissions of Apple’s supply chain.

However, as you can imagine, many users feel they are being fooled by the American giant.

These complaints are justified by the fact that Apple offers a Lightning charging cable in its box. However, many consumers have old USB chargers, which forces the purchase of a new USB-C adapter.

Which AC adapter to buy?

Apple includes a USB-C to Lightning cable with the iPhone 12, so we chose compatible USB-C power adapters.

You can also purchase USB-C power adapters for less on Amazon. Anker’s 30 W model is released € 26.99. As for the Aukey USB-C with two 30-watt ports, it is sold at € 25.99.

To charge two devices at the same time, there is Anker’s PowerPort + Atom III is to 45 €. Its USB-C port delivers up to 45 W and its USB-A 15 W port.

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