Which phone signal booster to choose?

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Also called a repeater, a signal booster is a device designed to boost the signal of mobile phones and promote better reception of the network or the Internet connection. It is composed of an internal antenna, an external antenna and an amplifier which allows it to function properly. Given the usefulness of this device, manufacturers have designed several whose performance varies from one model to another. Here are some tips for choosing the right repeater.

How to choose the right signal amplifier?

An amplifier will allow you to properly receive the signal emitted by mobile operators, but to make it work effectively, it is important to choose it well. The first step to take in this perspective is to ensure the location of the operator antennas near you. You must then check the power of the networks they use: 2 G, 3 G or 4 G. The next step is to check the frequency band used by your operator for these different networks. Generally, most French operators use 800 Mhz and 2600 Mhz for 4G, 900 Mhz and 2100 Mhz for 3G. In addition, while some operators use a single frequency band, other operators use several to transmit their signal. You must master these parameters to be able to choose the right repeater.

Why choose the Nikrans LCD-300GD GSM repeater?

Amplifier GSM 3G 4G / LTE Nikrans LCD-300GD seduces many users thanks to its elegance and its small size allowing it to integrate easily into any kind of decoration. In addition, it correctly performs its main function, which is to increase the efficiency of communication thanks to its dual 3G and 4G network operating on 900 and 1800 MHz frequencies (depending on the area where you are). It is particularly suitable for improving the signal in spaces up to 300 m2 of surface. To make it work normally, it is equipped with an LCD screen which provides you with all the necessary indications. This repeater also has an automatic control system that tells the product to boost its signal when it becomes weak. Finally, its automatic standby mode allows you to use it for a longer time, as it helps to save available energy.

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