Which music streaming service to choose in 2020?

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Deezer, Spotify, Soundcloud, and many music streaming platforms have become must-haves for music lovers. Thanks to these sites, it has become easier to access our favorite titles from a computer or, better yet, a smartphone while avoiding illegal downloads. However, there are so many music streaming platforms that you don’t always know where to turn in order to find the titles you want to listen to while saving money. Androidetvous.com has therefore developed for you this ranking of the best music streaming sites in 2020 to help you make the wise choice.


Spotify is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the streaming music distribution market. Accessible from a browser, it has won the hearts of users through its mobile application that is as simple and intuitive as it is efficient. Without any effort, you could find your favorite titles. Of course, Spotify offers a particularly rich and varied playlist. The platform offers a subscription for € 9.99 per month with the ability to save your playlists to listen to them when you are offline. Spotify is also available as a free version with advertising. Go for a paid subscription to avoid ads that can be disturbing and hinder listening.


This platform has many similarities with Spotify, which is also one of its biggest competitors. Deezer offers an intuitive application with comfortable navigation. You could also easily manage your playlists and recorded tracks offline. Deezer has up to 43 million tracks, including 36 million in Lossless streaming, that is to say in real CD quality. You need at least € 9.99 per month to subscribe to Deezer. You can also opt for the family plans (€ 14.99 for 6 accounts) and € 19.99 per month for the Lossless plan.

Apple Music

Recently restructured to be more competitive, Apple Music relies on exclusivity to stand out. On the Apple brand’s streaming platform, you will find more than 30 million titles, a large part of which is offered exclusively. Apple Music also highlights its playlists developed by men and not by machines in order to better meet everyone’s tastes. No free version is offered for this platform. You must therefore pay between € 9.99 and € 14.99 per month to access its services, which are linked to the entire Apple ecosystem.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music, attached to Google Play Music, offers up to 35 million tracks in maximum sound quality. You can purchase any securities you want to own for life. YouTube Music offers subscription plans of € 9.99 per month and € 14.99 (family plan). With € 11.99 per month, you will also have access to all the videos offered on the YouTube platform with a download option for offline viewing. For all subscription plans, it is possible to integrate playlists that are already saved in your smartphone and that you usually consult on your video player app.

music streaming service choose 2020 tips

Amazon Music Unlimited

Launched by the online sales giant, Amazon Music Unlimited is fairly recent and yet well established in the market. It offers a large playlist including a large part of the albums and tracks already sold on Amazon Music and Amazon Music Prime. The subscription costs € 9.99 per month or € 99 per year. The family plan is worth € 14.99 per month or € 149 per year. To get used to this platform, Amazon is offering you a 5 month free trial if you are an Amazon Prime member.


Launched by a French start-up, Qobuz aligns itself with its competitors in terms of the ease of use of its mobile interface for Android streaming. It stands out from the competition by emphasizing maximum sound quality. The platform therefore offers titles in true CD quality or in Hi-Res (High resolution) quality. Qobuz also offers PDF booklets to consult the titles of albums and playlists developed by men and not by algorithms. To enjoy Qobuz’s Hi-Fi sound quality, you have to pay a subscription of € 19.99 per month (€ 199 per year) compared to € 319 per year for Hi-Res quality.

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