Which brand of smartphone is the most ecological and responsible?

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Well, the least we can say is that Samsung does not shine with its environmental and social commitment. Let’s not be bad language, the Korean company is making efforts: for example, it has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gases throughout the life cycle of its smartphones.

The effort is to be welcomed, it is true, but it is difficult to see how the company will hang on to it since it has not yet planned concrete means to increase the proportion of renewable energies. We also know that the firm struggles to reduce dangerous substances in their smartphones.

Some good points anyway: the brand is putting in place means to identify the origin of its raw materials and the majority of its suppliers are certified conflict-free. The company seems concerned by the working conditions in its raw material mines and in particular cobalt, mainly extracted in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But similar, concrete measures are not rushing.

Let’s say Samsung barely meets the standards. On the other hand, the company sorely lacking transparency on the measures taken and envisaged for the future.

About the repairability Samsung smartphones, we must nevertheless underline the fact that screens Samsung J3, J5, J6, J6 + and J7 are not expensive and easy to change. Just like the back window of the Galaxy S9. And as regards the battery durability, all Samsung released before the A3 (in 2015, therefore) have a removable battery. That’s a good point, but these models are starting to date.

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