Where and how to resell your high tech devices and gadgets?

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Do you want to resell recently acquired devices? To this end, many online sites offer the repurchase of game consoles, smartphones, computers or even non-electronic devices such as books or furniture.

Also, rather than resale, you can in particular turn to the recycling.

In this article, discover our tips on how to best resell your gadgets and recover a few euros to make yourself happy again.

Put all the chances on his side to sell its devices

Before putting one of your devices for sale online, it is essential that it is like new, or at least that it is ready for use.

If you have kept the invoices, all the boxes and all the accessories, then you will have a better chance of finding a buyer.

Also, if you want to resell a smartphone or an Apple device for example (iPhone, iPad, HomePod …), you will then have to reset so that technicians can access it and offer the correct expertise.

The same goes for all electronic items locked by a code, password or fingerprint.

Depending on the type of product you would like to break away from, note that their side tends to decrease, or increase, over time.

To take advantage of your transactions, we therefore suggest that you take advantage of important periods such as before Xmas, back to school in September or Black friday.

The latter will be officially held on November 26, however e-merchants are already offering preview offers. One thing is certain, as the holiday season approaches, you will be able to attract more buyers and get rid of your unused products more easily.

We do not recommend doing this after the holidays and during the summer vacation, since budgets are often tighter.

Where to resell your devices?

Whether generalist or specialized, it is important to choose the right site on which you will create your resale ad. To leave nothing to chance, you can obviously put one on all sites.

We have selected the most popular platforms.

The good corner

The good corner is a classified ads site whose success cannot be denied. His registration is free and it saves time since your information will be pre-filled. In addition, you will have access to various statistics concerning your ad (number of views and contacts).

Thanks to this platform, make your sales between individuals and in your region, or elsewhere if you prefer to broaden your sales scope.

So that your ad attracts readers, do not hesitate to put several photos of your article from different angles and to detail its general condition, or its functionalities.


BackMarket is a French service that offers both the purchase of refurbished products and professional expertise of the equipment you want to put on sale.

You can, if you wish, entrust them with the return of your device for resale, regardless of its condition.

To do this, you will need to specify different characteristics:

  • The type of device
  • The brand
  • The model
  • Storage capacity
  • The operator
  • General condition
  • Fonctionnalities

BackMarket gives you an estimate of the price and you will only have to send them your product, at no additional cost to you.


Rakuten, in addition to offering you thousands of products, it allows you to sell, quickly and simply, what you no longer use.

You can both sort through your belongings but also recover some money. As Rakuten claims, you will be consuming more responsibly.

To make a sale, you will first need to create an ad and set a price. When your item finds a buyer then you will receive an email.

Then you will be asked to send your package; shipping costs are paid by the recipient. You will benefit from your payment once the latter has received it, like eBay.


To separate you from your gadgets locked in a cupboard, there is also reBUY.

Similar to its competitors, this site offers to collect your electronic devices for recycling for compensation.

By opting for this service, no fees are charged and the process is very fast. All you have to do is evaluate your product and ship it, free of charge, using the label provided.


Momox is another alternative to sell your gadgets. Whether books, DVDs, games, CDs… this buy-back platform establishes a price fixed in advance.

There are three simple steps to closing a deal: get a price, pack your package, and send it.

If your estimated sale is over $ 10, then shipping is free.

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