WhatsApp will allow you to send good quality photos

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Like on Messenger, Instagram and Google Photos, WhatsApp automatically modifies the quality of images and photos exchanged between users by compressing them so that they are sent more quickly, thus saving your mobile’s 4G or 5G consumption. And it consequently reduces the quality of the image, its resolution and its actual size.

The good news, according to the WABetaInfo site, is that WhatsApp is testing the possibility of sending the photos in their original quality. without compression no modifications and initially for users using an Android smartphone.

In a previous test version, beta version to clarify, offers to send images to the platform by giving you the choice between three options, sending them in “Automatic” quality, in “Best quality” and finally in the worst quality “Data saver”. But in this version, and even if you choose the “Best Quality” sending quality, WhatsApp still compresses the photo, which also causes a slight loss of quality.

With the arrival of beta version (the latest version still being tested), WhatsApp will change the game and we will all be able to send photos in original quality without them being modified.

For the moment, you will have this possibility to choose the quality of sending of the photo each time you want to send one and you cannot configure this directly in the settings of the application.

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