WhatsApp makes it easy to bulk delete messages

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Soon you will be able to sort and delete messages based on file size and type.

WhatsApp has finally unveiled an easy-to-use storage management tool. This feature makes it even easier to manage your messages, clean up cluttered inboxes, and save space on your device.

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Easily declutter your WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp sent a Tweet to announce the update to its storage management feature. The app has included a video in the Tweet, allowing you to see the tool in action.

WhatsApp’s previous storage menu let you see which chats were taking up most of your space and how many messages, GIFs, photos, and videos were in each chat.

While you may have been able to delete all of that storage-hogging content effortlessly, WhatsApp still hasn’t told you exactly what you’re deleting. In other words, you blindly delete messages, exposing important chats and photos to the risk of being thrown away.

Now that is all about to change: WhatsApp’s new arsenal of storage tools will help you identify large files on the app and delete them quickly. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting a certain file.

To access the new storage feature, simply go to Settings> Storage and data> Manage storage . You will then be greeted with a much more organized page that makes it easier to pick and choose what you want to delete.

Your messages will be grouped into separate categories, such as “Forwarded multiple times” or “More than 5MB”. The messages will also be listed based on the size of the file, which can definitely come in handy when trying to sort through hundreds of messages.

You can browse through thumbnails of all the content you delete, making sure you won’t erase anything important. Once you’ve found some content to delete, just select it (or use the option Select all ), and you can erase it with a single tap.

Along with the update of the storage tool, WhatsApp also announced “disappearing” messages. This new feature may cause some conversations to disappear from the app after seven days. You can turn this feature on and off for specific chats.

This update comes after WhatsApp announced a chat purchase feature. When it’s finally rolled out, you’ll be able to communicate and buy from merchants in WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Becomes More Modern

Adding a more efficient storage system makes WhatsApp even easier to use. The Facebook-owned platform has a lot to compete with, including messaging apps like Telegram and Slack.

Fortunately, WhatsApp seems to be going in the right direction. Your phone memory will surely thank you after cleaning up your WhatsApp chats.

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