WhatsApp lets you find out who has added you to their contact list

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Among the countless communication applications that exist today, WhatsApp is the most popular application. We use it for Chat with the family, have a video chat with his / her boyfriend or interact with co-workers.

In some cases, the very high number of your contacts on WhatsApp can be confusing. Indeed, you can to receive messages on your WhatsApp account including you cannot identify the sender. To resolve this issue, the app recently added a feature that allows you to find out who added you to their contact list.

Are you tired of receive messages from strangers ? The new functionality of WhatsApp lets you know who has your phone number in their contact list.

  • First, press the 3 points at the top of the WhatsApp application, then on New broadcast.

A list of people appears on your Android screen. So, select the unknown contacts or those whose name you no longer remember and send them a message. Among all the contacts, only whose numbers are stored in your device’s contacts directory can receive your message. Those who did not receive your message are people you don’t have their numbers phone.

Note: The same technique also allows to send simultaneously the same message to several contacts.

  1. Whatsapp messenger

    Whatsapp messenger

    Whatsapp messenger is a very popular instant messenger. Thanks to a simple interface and features well developed, it ensures a easy communication and fast file sharing. You can use it in a professional or intimate setting without worrying about the security, nor of the confidentiality of your conversations.

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