WhatsApp improves storage management: here’s how it works

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For some time, the application WhatsApp does not stop surprising us by offering with each update new features. The new added options improve the user experience by providing solutions to problems of confidentiality, of storage or from maneuverability.

Moreover, in the last update, WhatsApp offers a interesting improvement in storage management. Indeed, this reform resolves the most annoying problem: saturated storage space.

Nowadays, several alternatives are available for expand storage space, like the online storage services, the micro SD gigantic capacity or even the capacity of the internal memory of our smartphones which, from one generation to the next, is becoming more and more important.

However, we have all found ourselves, at one time or another, obliged to uninstall an app to record a New Years video or a simple family photo.

So read on to find out how does WhatsApp’s new feature solve storage problem !

For free up your Android’s storage space, you no longer have to uninstall your favorite apps or delete old photos and videos of family. WhatsApp took measurements that allow you to sort through your files.

The app gives you the option toidentify junk files and delete them. Moreover, the media files will be organized by size and contact.

  • After launching the application by tapping on its icon, tap the three vertical points at the top right of the screen.
  • Then press the option ” Settings At the bottom of the list.
  • In the Settings menu, click on the option ” Data usage and storage “.
  • On the page that appears, press ” Manage storage Where a storage management page will appear.

Select the video files you want to delete one by one, or press the small tile ” Select all To delete all files at once.

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