WhatsApp Clarifies Concerns Over New Privacy Policy Update

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If you haven’t lived under a rock, you know that WhatsApp has faced a lot of backlash during its updated privacy policy over the past week. The company will start sharing data with its parent company, Facebook, next month and there’s no way out. You must accept the conditions or lose access to WhatsApp. This has enraged privacy-conscious users and sees them transitioning to more secure alternatives like Signal and Telegram. This fuss around its policy update has now forced WhatsApp to respond to rumors and further clarify its stance on data sharing.

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WhatsApp clarifies its update of its privacy policy

  • Individual and group chats are encrypted

Thanks to a official FAQ page , WhatsApp has decided to dispel doubts surrounding its updated privacy policy. “We want to be clear that the update of the policy in no way affects the privacy of your messages with your friends or family,” says the messaging giant. he protected always your private messages with end-to-end encryption , as reiterated in the tweet you see below.

Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read your private messages or hear your calls because they are end-to-end encrypted. The company does not keep logs of who you message or call. He says that mobile operators traditionally save this information, but WhatsApp does not because backing up data for 2 billion users will not pose a huge security risk.

  • Can Facebook see your contacts or WhatsApp location?

Concerned WhatsApp can see your exact location or your contact list? And will it share the same with Facebook to better target ads? The FAQ page says it cannot see your shared location. The messaging giant claims that the live location you share in the app is also end-to-end encrypted and is only visible to the sender and recipient.

Regarding your contact list, WhatsApp states that it “Only access phone numbers from your address book to make messaging fast and reliable.” He doesn’t share the same with Facebook. Your group chats are also said to be private and born will be not used to target advertising or abuse by third parties . You can better ensure privacy by setting the message to disappear after 7 days. It’s a feature that WhatsApp introduced earlier last year as an additional privacy measure.

  • Data sharing happens when you interact with businesses

WhatsApp says it has updated its terms to be more transparent about the data it uses or collects from users. It brings about changes in the way businesses can manage data. So the big question is, what data does WhatsApp plan to share with Facebook? Well, if you’ve read the updated privacy policy, you will know that businesses can store your messages and use them for marketing purposes. If a business uses a third-party hosting service, it also has access to the data, which in turn can share your data with their partners. Facebook tries to avoid this and correct this confidentiality flaw by offering companies to use their own hosting services .

When you use the Facebook Shops function, which is gradually integrated with the WhatsApp Business app, your shopping activity (how to interact with products or any business) can be “Used to personalize your experience”. This feature is optional, which means that you will not voluntarily contact companies not to share data with them or Facebook. We have explained the updated WhatsApp privacy policy here:

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