What to do when the iPhone does not turn on?

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It can happen for a variety of reasons that a iPhone gets temperamental at some point and doesn’t want to turn on again or displays a black screen. Before you get annoyed and run to buy one, we will help you find the cause of the problem but especially to solve it.

Why the iPhone does not start?

There may be several reasons why your iPhone won’t turn on. It may be a hardware problem if, for example, you accidentally dropped it or, as often happens, witnessed it fall into the toilet bowl or into the swimming pool. It can also happen that the problem comes from a software fault. It is this last point that we will mainly develop here (don’t worry, a solution is also possible if it has fallen into the water, we will address this problem later).

Software problem

Software crash is a relatively common problem with Apple brand smartphones. To solve it, only one solution: the forced restart. To do this, if you have an iPhone 6S or earlier model, simultaneously press the power button and the home button (the middle button) by holding them for at least 20 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If you are using a iPhone 7/7 Plus or a model older than 8, simultaneously press the power button and the volume knob – until you see the logo appear and if you have a model iPhone 8 or newer (if you have an iPhone 11, you can find all of our iPhone 11 tips here!), to force restart, quickly press and release the volume button +, do the same with the volume button – and finally press the power button (side button) while holding it.

Note that if this method works, in reality, your iPhone was on but the software had simply crashed, which explains the black screen. Still, if the problem was caused by a software crash, we recommend that you back up your iPhone to iCloud Drive and perform a full restore of your smartphone to avoid losing all your data if it happens again. If you want to know how reset your iphone, it’s this way.

Hardware issues

If the problem does not come from the software of your iPhone, it is then necessary to look into the equipment.

Battery problem

We don’t necessarily think about it right away, but sometimes the problem can be quite silly and lie in a problem of iphone battery. If your iPhone won’t turn on, try charging it using your usual charger and if nothing happens, try a different one. The problem possibly coming from your lightning cable, try testing it on another iPhone to check its working status. If the other iPhone doesn’t charge, you’ll know the problem is with your cable, and then you’ll just have to replace it to recharge your battery by plugging it in for at least 15 minutes.

Some iPhones may also have the defect of not or no longer wanting to charge from a wall outlet. So do not hesitate to plug it into a USB port and wait at least 25 minutes to verify that the ignition problem does not come from this difficulty.

A screen problem

If your iPhone is showing you a black screen but is showing signs of life by ringing or vibrating, the problem is most likely with the screen. If you have recently dropped or bumped it, the cables being able to disconnect, check that it is correctly connected. If despite your checks it remains black, the damage may be internal, you will most certainly need to replace the damaged screen.

Restart iPhone with iTunes (DFU mode)

If the reboot or the recharge have not helped you so far, another solution is possible to allow you to restore your iPhone: itunes.

To do this, plug your iPhone into your computer and launch iTunes. If it recognizes your device, we recommend that you make a backup of your device, especially if the ignition problem is due to a hardware problem (screen, motherboard or other defective components).

When you recognize your iPhone, iTunes may tell you that it has encountered a problem and ask you to update or restore it. If so, simply click Update to be able to recover your device.

If, on the other hand, iTunes does not detect your smartphone, try to force a restart while leaving your device connected to your computer.

Liquid damage

As seen at the beginning of the article, it often happens that our phone falls into the water. If the most recent devices have certain sealing properties which make them resistant, other older models are not so lucky. Water can cause damage and prevent it from working properly, if your iPhone has been turned off since it took the water, you are going to need to jump into a deoxidation.

For this, although the well-known rice method has been proven successful, you can also start by cleaning the different components of your smartphone with a deoxidizing agent and a cotton swab or a soft toothbrush to get rid of a possible oxidation.

Finally, if despite all these attempts your iPhone does not want to know anything, Back Market can still buy you back in order to allow you to finance a new refurbished device that turns on! Click here for resell your smartphone. And don’t hesitate to take a look at our refurbished smartphones.


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