What to do when my iPhone keeps asking for my password

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Your phone keeps asking you to enter your Apple ID? Don’t worry, Prodigemobile has the solution. This is a well-known bug that affects many iPhone users. Here is a method to prevent your iPhone from forcing you to type your Apple account password.

Why is my smartphone asking for my password all the time

It’s not just work that puts a strain on our nerves. And yes, our iPhone is sometimes a source of stress. It happens that the Apple smartphone will pop up several times a day, asking us to enter the password of our Apple ID.

You will quickly realize that entering your password does not solve the problem. After a few minutes, you might see the same verification prompt reappear. No need to try to hit the cancel button. The result will be the same.

If this type of mishap happens to you, know that there are solutions to solve it. In general, this window appears following a iOS update or installing a new application. But that’s not always the case.

How to fix an iPhone that keeps asking for a passcode

It could also be an issue with iCloud. If your iPhone keeps asking for your login information, turn it off first and then turn it back on. It may seem basic, but it is often the solution to any problem.

  • Wait for your phone to ask you to enter your password
  • In the pop-up window, click the settings button
  • Then select the general section
  • Bring down the window
  • Press the switch off
  • Drag the slider to the right to shut down your iPhone
  • Wait a minute or two before restarting your phone

This is usually sufficient to resolve the problem. Restarting the iPhone clears the memory of the device and fixes some bugs. If necessary, you can repeat this procedure once or twice.

Update your iPhone

Apple regularly releases updates for its devices. These fixes make it possible to benefit from new functionalities but also to resolve some malfunctions. So start checking if you are using the latest version of iOS.

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Go to the General section
  • Click on Software Update
  • Wait a few minutes

Your iPhone will check for updates for updates already installed. If a new one is available, you will see it appear on your phone screen. Click the Download and Install button. Please note, you must be connected to Wi-Fi to update your smartphone.

Make sure iCloud is working properly

Before going any further in your investigations, I advise you to take a look at Apple’s assistant page. The latter has a section allowing to know in real time the availability of the various services (FaceTime, iCloud, Siri, Walkie-Talkie etc.) from the firm to Apple.

Going on this page, you will be able to know if iCloud is working correctly. The colored dot next to the name of the service will indicate the status of the system.

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