what it is for and how to find it on any smartphone

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All smartphones and cell phones in general have a unique identification number called an IMEI. What exactly is it for and how to check the IMEI number of any phone (iPhone, Android smartphone, Windows and even a regular smartphone)? This is what we will see.

Each cell phone has a IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) which is specific to it and which allows uniquely identify it, like the fingerprint specific to each human being. The IMEI is a 15 digit number which is independent of the SIM card you use inside your smartphone.

IMEI: what is it and what is it for?

If your device is stolen, you can communicate this number to your mobile operator who will put it on a blacklist. The smartphone will then be unusable, regardless of the SIM card inserted. However, this system is not always effective, in particular when the smartphone ends up in another country, due to a lack of coordination between the operators.

However, thanks to better law enforcement cooperation across borders, there is a greater chance of tracking a stolen smartphone, even if it ends up in another country. Thus, the end user of the stolen device can be apprehended at any time thanks to the IMEI identifier. Several online services allow users to register their IMEI number in a database in the event of theft.

The interest is to allow those who wish to buy a second-hand smartphone to check if they are not in front of a stolen device, which is liable to a conviction for concealment. It also gives the owner a better chance of finding their phone. Among the most famous sites in this area, we find: imeipro.info, imei24.com, Stolenphonechecker.com, or even Deblocage24.fr.

Finally, IMEI number can serve you in the event of a change of operator. The new one may ask you to switch from your old operator.

How to know the IMEI number of any smartphone?

Whether you are using an iPhone, Android smartphone, or even a non-smart phone, there is a USSD code to check the device’s IMEI number. Just open the phone app and of dial the number * # 06 #. The IMEI code will automatically be displayed on the screen.

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