What is YourPhone.exe? and how to stop YourPhone.exe on Windows 10?

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If you want to know What is YourPhone.exe? and also want to know how to stop YourPhone.exe on Windows 10? then you have come to the right place to find out more about how to stop YourPhone.exe.

YourPhone.exe is running in the background and also uses your GPU. If you brown websites, it results in unnecessary information. It is not a virus, it is downloaded in the background when we download the official Microsoft app from the Microsoft Store. This app is used to easily connect your smartphones to your PC and we keep your data safe.

YourPhone.exe background process using GPU

We can connect your PC with Android phone, iPhone and iOS in Windows 10 using your phone app. But the process varies depending on the types of smartphones you use. The following instructions helped to understand the connection between types of smartphones.

  • Unlock different types of multi-device experiences like Android or iPhone by connecting the PC to your phone.
  • If you are using Android, we see the phone images on your PC.
  • Then view the photos and details on your PC and then send text messages on your PC.
  • Answer incoming phone calls through your PC.
  • We are still able to play the games and control the music.
  • In Android phones, we had the other option, screen monitoring. The above options are provided by this app only.

What does YourPhone.exe mean in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, YourPhone.exe is the major and backbone process of your phone app. If you want to know the location of the file, just type the following commands

“C: Program

Files WindowsApps Microsoft.YourPhone_1.20051.89.0_x64_8weky3d8bbwe »

Using this above program code, it is easy to recover the location of YourPhone.exe. And the file size of this application is only 19KB. Instead, it had the various DLL files for function conditioning. The main unknown fact is that YourPhone.exe never showed the Task Manager option. YourPhone.exe is always running in the background during Windows sessions. It will work all the time until we close the app.

Installing your phone application

The Your Phone app is a preinstalled app in Windows 10. Otherwise it is not available on your PC, we download and install the app from the Microsoft Store. By using the following steps, we can easily install this app.

  • First, open the Microsoft Store in your system
  • Search for YourPhone.exe using the keyword like your phone
  • When you find the app, install this app.
  • After the download and installation process, the Your Phone app is still available in your start menu. You can also run it by clicking the Open option.
  • Disable your phone app then stop the process running in the background

If you are using the Universal Windows app, it makes your process easier. We easily deactivate the application in the configuration menu. We easily disable the app when you don’t want to. The major problem with this app is that it will get a substantial amount of memory for your system and it will always run in the background. When you never need this app, you can easily turn it off. There are many different methods to disable this youphone.exe.

Uninstalling Windows Power Shell

  • Right click on the Start menu and select the Windows PowerShell (Admin) option.
  • This will open the Powershell rated mode. Then copy and paste the following command.

«Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone- AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage “

  • After typing this command, click on the Enter button. Then the command will be executed. After complete execution, the YourPhone.exe process will be removed from your system. We never see the app in your system. If you need this app, just go to the Microsoft Store and download it, then install it.

Disable the app using privacy settings

  • First, click on the start button and then go to the settings option.
  • After going through the settings, go to the Privacy option.
  • If we go to the privacy settings window, we see the scroll down in your left pane. On the left side we see the background apps which are placed under the app permissions.
  • Once we go to the background apps, we select the background apps. Scroll down to check which apps are running in the background. Select the location of your phone. Then turn your phone off and off.
  • Still we never see the YourPhone.exe file running. If we want that, just turn it on and run it again.

All the options for uninstalling your phone application

Nope. Your phone contained the associated files of YourPhone.exe. And your phone is not a malicious feature, virus, or bloatware. In addition, it contains a low level of system resources. There are many ways to increase the performance of Windows 10 system. Besides, it has other advantages, such as we will share the information with other people. And it has a lot of interesting advantages. We also share the information through the computer to the phones. Sometimes if we uninstall the app personal data or any other data will be lost.

Uninstalling your phone app

The built-in Universal Windows app is the Your Phone app. Therefore, we never uninstall the app. There is never any possibility to uninstall it. We had the option of adding or removing this program. The app setting has the uninstall button and it is clickable.

  • Instead, to uninstall this application from your computer.
  • Start Powershell using the administrator.
  • Type the command for Microsoft Get-AppxPackage. your phone-AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

After running this command, the deployment operation progress will be ready to appear after a few minutes, it will disappear. Your phone will be uninstalled by this process. You type your phone into the Windows search bar. It displays the required application. Otherwise, search the Microsoft Store. It may not return the phone app in your search results. You also find your phone in the Microsoft store. It clearly shows that you have installed the app or that you have not installed this app. If it shows the install option, you install and follow the instructions above. Then we easily remove this option.

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