What is Twitch? How to use the live streaming platform

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Heard a lot about Twitch but don’t know what it is? Here’s all you need to know.

Whether you want to start watching streams on Twitch or just curious about what the platform is all about, it can be difficult to figure out why and how to watch streams on the gaming website. Fortunately, it is much easier. to get familiar with Twitch than it seems.

Let’s walk through what Twitch is, why it’s popular, and how to have fun on your own.

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What is Twitch?

Twitch is a website that allows people to stream to people around the world. At first, the website only allowed content related to video games, but has since opened up to allow for art, real-life exploration, and even chat sessions with viewers.

A Twitch stream will have a host that runs the stream called a “streamer”. The streamer is broadcasting content that people can watch. Twitch streams are mostly people playing a video game, but that’s not always the case.

To the right of a feed will be a chat room entirely dedicated to that feed. Each chatter must use a registered username before speaking, which the streamer can use to reply to or mention specific members of the chat.

When a streamer wants to refer to each member of the chat room as a whole, they often use the collective name “chat”. This happens when the streamer wants to ask the community at large if they want to do something or if the chat room is getting particularly loud.

Why are people watching Twitch streams?

You might find it confusing why people want to watch other people play video games online. Famous American actor Terry Crews was at first puzzled as to why his son would watch video game videos and felt he was “losing his son” as a result … before deciding to join in the fun. .

If you’re in the same boat, here are a few reasons why Twitch streams are becoming so popular.

Some prefer the streamer to the game

Sometimes people don’t rush to a stream to watch a specific game; sometimes they visit because they like the streamer doing the streaming.

Twitch has its fair share of fun, charismatic, and entertaining streamers who make their shows a fun time. For some, that’s enough to tune in and watch a stream, regardless of what game or activity the streamer is doing.

Some people want to watch a game before buying it

There is so much that a review can tell you about a game, so some people choose to watch someone else play it to assess whether or not it is right for them.

In fact, going into a stream has the advantage of being able to talk to the streamer about the game. If you are concerned that the story is a bit boring or that the fight looks awkward, you can ask the streamer what they think and get an honest opinion.

Some people watch because… it’s fun!

Not really. If you don’t know what to wear while doing your job, fire up your favorite streamer and get things going. You can choose to watch games like Valorant or Apex Legends, which are fast-paced and thrilling to watch.

How to watch a Twitch stream

Watching Twitch is much better if you create an account, but you don’t have to do so to watch a Twitch stream. Just note that we’ll talk like you’ve created one, so if you find that a feature we’re covering isn’t available, that may be the reason why.

Your best chance to see a Twitch stream for yourself is to visit the Browse page and scroll through the games being played at that time. Choose a game, then choose a stream. It is that simple.

It should be noted that entering a streamer’s chat with thousands of viewers can be a bit overwhelming, so try a smaller stream first.

How to use Twitch

Twitch has been around for a very long time, which means it has its own terms that have evolved over the years. It can be overwhelming at first, but it’s not as complex as you might think.

What happens when you follow a feed?

Below the feed you will find a button that says To follow . If you click on it, you will be notified when the streamer you are watching goes live. It’s free to follow anyone, so don’t worry about following as many people as you want.

By default, Twitch will send you an email or notification to your phone when someone you follow goes live. If you don’t want it, be sure to click on the bell icon after following to turn off notifications.

Otherwise, the streamer will appear on your list of subscribers when they are online. As such, you will often find yourself visiting your page Next to see who is broadcasting.

What happens when you subscribe to a feed?

Subscribing to a channel is different from following. It’s a bit confusing because following Twitch is equivalent to subscribing on YouTube, but subscribing to Twitch costs money and is optional to support the streamer. Subscribing on Twitch is more akin to YouTube channel memberships.

When you purchase a subscription, you get access to exclusive streamer emotes, which you can use on any channel on Twitch. You also get ad-free viewing and a chat badge to show your loyalty.

Subscriptions start at $ 4.99 per month, half of which goes to the streamer and the other half to Twitch. There are also Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscription tiers ($ 9.99 and $ 24.99 per month, respectively) which give you more emotes.

It’s worth noting that if you have Amazon Prime, you get one Twitch Sub every month with your subscription. You can also subscribe to Twitch Turbo to get ad-free, site-wide viewing and exclusive emoticons.

What is a Gift Sub?

A “subgift” or “subgift” is when someone pays for someone else’s subscription. You can purchase a subscription for one person, or you can randomly distribute subs to the community in a bundle (known as a “sub-bomb”). Gifted subscriptions do not automatically renew after the month has elapsed.

What are bits?

Bits are an official way to donate money to Twitch. They appear as small, colorful gemstones that change color depending on the amount given.

One bit equals one US cent, and everything goes to the streamer. However, when you buy bits, you’ll notice the price is just over a cent per bit – that little extra is Twitch’s discount.

What is a Hype train?

If enough people donate tracks, subscribe, or donate subscriptions, there is a chance that a “hype train” will kick in. It’s a bar that fills up at the top of the chat room whenever someone takes over the streamer, and when it hits 100%, it goes to the next level.

There are five levels in total, after which there is an endless “victory round” where people can set the bar as high as possible without any additional rewards.

Upon completion of the train, anyone who has subscribed, donated a sub, or donated at least 100 bits will receive an exclusive emote relating to the level the hyped train has reached.

What is a raid?

A raid is when someone who logs out redirects their users to another streamer to help share the love. This way the viewers have something to watch and the target of the raid is exposed to a larger audience.

Prior to officially supported Twitch raids, raiders would copy-paste a “raid message” announcing where they were from. This way, the attacked streamer knew that a raid had arrived, as well as who sent it.

These days, Twitch notifies the chat room when a raid arrives, and the streamer can set up a special stream notification announcing the arrival. However, the tradition of copying and pasting a raid message is not dead, so you will likely notice a raid by spamming the message before you see the notification.

What are the little faces posted in the chat?

Twitch emoticons are the pride and joy of the site. Their meanings and implications have gone beyond the website and become web jargon across the world.

You can see all the emotes you can use on the Twitch Emotes website. The most popular emotes have a nuance to their use. For example, Kappa is used to say something sarcastic, PogChamp is when someone says or does something exciting, and Jebaited is when the streamer is cheating or has been cheated on by someone.

If you want emotes based on your photo or face you can check out the following service convert photo to twitch emotes or avatar on fiverr.

How to stream on Twitch

If you love what you see with Twitch, why not get involved and become a streamer yourself? It’s free, and you could make a little more money from streaming… if not making it your main job.

There are several ways to stream on Twitch, but one of the most popular is to use Streamlabs or OBS. Setting up either one takes a bit of work.

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You can also host Watch Parties on Twitch

Twitch can be confusing at first, but once you have the basics it’s easy to use and understand. You now know how to watch and participate in Twitch streams, as well as how to create one yourself.

Did you know that you can also stream or watch Amazon Prime videos on Twitch? It takes a minor setup, but it’s a fun way to spend time with a community.

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