What is the orange dot that appears in the status bar of the iPhone

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This is the question of many Internet users and owners of an iPhone with the latest version of iOS 14. Why then is a small orange or green dot sometimes displayed on the phone screen and to be exact? , in the status bar at the top right of the screen next to the battery percentage?

This is an indicator that started to appear from the iOS 14 version of the iPhone and on iPad and therefore it can be considered as a new feature specific to the system, but which must correspond to something in relation to the use of iOS. We explain to you:

What is the orange point / green that appears in the status bar of your iPhone

The small red or green colored dot appears when an application native to the system or installed from the App store accesses your microphone or your webcam in order to use them either normally and logically for an audio / video conversation, for example. communication via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or FaceTime either discreetly and without your consent by a malicious application launched in the background or through a security vulnerability in Safari browser or other applications.

In both cases, the indicator automatically lights up in orange if an application is using the microphone and in green in the case ofactivating your webcam. And so the indicator is there just to let you know that your privacy is potentially at risk and it’s up to you to see if you are behind that action or someone else is trying to break in. to spy on you remotely using your iPhone’s microphone and webcam.

Very useful and practical as a system to keep an eye on what is going on in your iPhone. You just have to remember that the green or orange light is only an indicator and no longer a security alert when you are using applications that automatically access your microphone and webcam such as Siri, WhatsApp or for example dictation vocal.

On the other hand, if the light comes on when you are not using any application that uses the microphone or the webcam, this is where you must ask the question because someone may be trying to spy on you from a distance.

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