What is Slack and how do I use it on Android?

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If you work remotely with collaborators so probably do you know already Slack. For others, it’s a suite of tools that allow you to manage projects several in telecommuting mode. It goes without saying that with the series of confinement that France has known, it is the majority among those who have continued to exercise. Long before that, with globalization, Slack had already taken a lot of breadth.

The reason for the success? It is possible to communicate live like any instant messenger with project members. Whether they are connected or not elsewhere. The big advantage is that you can also share documents and others media files just as easily. Finally, the Android version of Slack that we are going to present today is free and includes all the functions developed for big screen.

Easy telecommuting with Slack on Android

The paid version allows you toincrease storage space and D’archive previous messages. So let’s start with the download free version thanks to the all button at the bottom of the article.

  • Enter your email address.
  • Donate a name for your workspace, be careful, you cannot change it later.
  • Now type the name of the current project, you can add more later – that’s the point.
  • For invite collaborators, you can share the link by yourself – it is also possible to add them with their email address directly on Slack is practical!

How to create your projects and invite collaborators

Nothing could be simpler, once on the home page, click on + next to Channels – a canal It’s done the whole project, with collaborators and messages, public or private.

Then add the addresses employees, they will receive a Slack mail like in the last picture. Just click on Join now and There you go!

How to communicate effectively on Slack

Once the team has joined you, you have several options. Is live post for everyone, is to call someone – a very popular feature on all Android telecommuting apps. It suffices for this to click on the stylus icon at the bottom right. The channels are public and preceded by # sign. The little green Point indicates that the person is connected. She is therefore likely to respond immediately.

To finish Slack integrates perfectly withother sharing platforms documents such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The best for collaboration across the entire online work chain!

  1. Slack


    #Slack is a versatile communication suite with a simple objective: facilitate collaborative work and theexchange of information within teleworking teams.
    It allows you to classify messages and documents by “channels” or project – these are private or public within a workspace which is only accessible on invitation. Shared documents can come from cloud storage platforms like Box or Dropbox.

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