What is Opencl.dll file and how to fix it?

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Opencl.dll East a DLL file which is part of the OpenCL (Open Computing Language) platform which brings together companies such as Apple, Intel, AMD, Nvidia or IBM. It is an open standard developed by the Khronos Group consortium and which use the resources of different types of processors and graphics cards. And therefore, it is necessary for the proper functioning of certain applications or games.

And in order not to link the problem encountered with the Opencl.dll file to a manufacturer of graphics cards such as NVIDIA or only to an operating system such as Windows 10, it should be noted that the OpenCL is independent of the manufacturer of the hardware or the software and can be used on different types of operating systems.

OpenCL is not built into Windows by default, but it can be installed depending on the type of processor or graphics card you have. For example, if you have an Intel processor, you can download the OpenCL runtime for Windows from Intel’s site. If you have another type of hardware, you’ll need to check with the manufacturer to see if they provide compatible OpenCL drivers.

There is another solution for those who are on a Windows 10 and need to have OpenCL (When I say OpenCL, I mean the Opencl.dll file) on their system. To do this, simply install the OpenCL compatibility pack from the Microsoft Store2. This pack allows certain applications or games that use OpenCL or even OpenGL to run on a Windows 10 PC that does not have hardware drivers installed. However, this pack only supports applications that use OpenCL version 1.2 and earlier and OpenGL version 3.3 and earlier.

How do I repair a damaged or missing Opencl.dll file?

If you encounter an error related to Opencl.dll, it could mean that the file is missing, damaged, or incompatible with your system. To fix this error, you can try the following solutions:

Download and install the latest version of Opencl.dll file from a reliable site like DLL-files.com. You will need to choose the version suitable for your system (32-bit or 64-bit) and copy it to the C:WindowsSystem32 folder.
Update Drivers your graphics card or processor. You can use Windows Device Manager or visit the manufacturer’s site to find the appropriate drivers (eg. Intel’s website).
Reinstall the app or game which causes the error. This may resolve compatibility issues or file corruption.
Run virus scan and a Windows registry cleanup. This can eliminate possible viruses or malware affecting the Opencl.dll file or other system files

You can also try the solution that Microsoft has published on its page dedicated to the technical documentation of its products, which consists in running the following command:

Dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

But before that, perform a scan with the command SFC /scannow in your Windows 10 Command Prompt, to check whether it detects the system file Opencl.dll is damaged or not. The command :

Sfc /Scannow

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