what is it, what is it for and how to use it

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Canva is an online design program which works as an alternative to other professional software, make graphic pieces of different models, sizes and styles. Well, it offers a series of tools created and designed to provide different users with a platform that is easy to understand and, most importantly, to use. So it’s developed under a “Drag and drop” system (drag and drop) for ease of use for all users.

Also, this tool includes a large and varied catalog of resources, which can be used to create custom designs, whether from scratch or using free or paid models. Therefore, although you may not have enough knowledge of editing programs, with the help of Canva almost professional results can be achieved. Hence, it is one of the best options for anyone looking to create visual content.

what is it

Cloth is an online graphic design software or application, created under a simple system, with which you can create graphic parts in different sizes and styles, in an almost professional way. Who can be used at personal or professional level, according to the needs of each user. In addition, it is possible to download the final result as an image in various formats including .MP4 video files.

This tool It was designed by Australian Melanie Perkins on January 1, 2012 and developed by Canva Inc., in February 2013 for simultaneous official release. The same account with functions ranging from designing flyers and business cards, even banners for social networks and even, the order of printing of each part that you want. This can be done from scratch or using one of the available templates.


Canva offers a number of fairly simple functions to understand and use, as they are designed under a “drag and drop” model. These include buttons to create a new canvas with the size or measurements you want, depending on the purpose of the design. In addition, it integrates tools like: text, background, insert links, download content from free resource banks, etc.

Canva offers 8,000 models, divided into categories such as: infographics, photo collages, presentations, social networks, book covers, mind maps, etc. These can be found on the platform’s home page and can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding option. It is important to note that this function can be used without login, but you will need to access the profile to download the final file.

Edit panel

Canva Feature Edit PanelIn the template or design creation in Canva, a left side panel with a number of functions, like:

  • Templates: in this function section you can choose the model type that best suits the theme of the design. Also includes a search engine where the results can be filtered using keywords or special terms.
  • Elements: in this section of the menu geometric shapes can be found (arrows, squares, circles, etc.), as well as another series of graphic elements, which include: images, videos, frames, icons, lines, grids, among others.
  • Downloaded: is a tab that allows you to download files (image, audio or video) from your computer or using an account from Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox or Instagram. Likewise, it has an option that allows the user to save whatever they want to upload to the design.
  • Text: with this option text can be added to designwell being use models titles of different levels or by selecting one of the predefined font combinations.
  • More: in this menu a list of submenus is found, like: styles, QR code, emoji, folder, apps and integrations, etc. With which you can add additional elements to the design, such as connecting to social networks, for example. In addition to that, it offers the ability to search for content in free resource banks.

Other options

Other Canva FeaturesIn addition to the editing options found in the left menu, Canva has a number of other functions, among which the following:

  • Add a page: by pressing this button a new page is added to the layout. This is a very useful option when you want to create a part that is printed on both sides.
  • Duplicate page: Unlike the previous one, this function allows you to duplicate the selected sheet or page In the design.
  • Remarks: This function used to add notes in the layout when editing. It is generally used when there are several users collaborating on the same job.
  • To file: in this options menu features like: create a new layout are included, display the rules or print the bleed, save, make a copy, among others.
  • To share: with this Canva feature design can be shared with other users so they can view or even edit in real time. For this, there is the possibility to send by e-mail or via a link through other platforms.
  • To download: this option offers the possibility to download the design in the corresponding format, either JPEG, PNG, video, GIF or standard PDF or for printing. It is important to specify that, if you do not have a PRO profile, the file will be downloaded in low resolution.
  • To print: it is a function with which the user you can order the printing of your design in as many copies as you want, under previous invoicing.
  • Copy style: by clicking on this button you can copy the style of any of the elements present in the design.
  • Zoom: the Zoom bar is located at the bottom of the edit window and allows increase or decrease vision some cobweb.
  • Present in full screen: displays a full screen view of the canvas or design in question.
  • To encourage: It allows add animations or transitions to layers specific to the design or the overall design in general.
  • Publish: thanks to this function you can choose how you want to post the design, for this there are several options: download, present, present and save, share URLs or publish on different social networks.

Premium features

Canva is a platform that offers free features, but also Premium or payment. These apply to the various editing options of the program, either in the field of graphic resources or specific details of the file, like the size of the canvas, for example. Which is inside the design window under the title “Resize”.

Canva for WindowsUse Canva on different devices essentially requires the same procedure, because it is a platform with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. In this sense, the first thing to do is Decide which team you intend to work on, since it is available in web, desktop and also as a mobile application for Android or iOS.

With this clear, the next step is create a new design by clicking on the corresponding button, once logged in in Canva. This is necessary in order to be able to download the file at the end of the edition. It should be noted that, the canvas will initially appear empty and it can be edited according to the needs of each user with the different functions that exist for him.

To get a clearer idea of ​​the process, below, a video is shown explaining how to use Canva, in detail:

Create an account and log in

Create an account and log into CanvaCreate an account on Canva It is a free process for which you have to go to the registration section, by clicking on the “Register” button and complete the corresponding form with the data required by the web. It should be noted that the platform offers three different methods to register:

  • Using a Facebook account.
  • Using a Google account.
  • Using the email.

In the latter option, information such as: first and last name, email address and access password. Once completed, it will take check email indicated in the registration to be able to access the platform correctly.

Now alright to connect to Canva must be click on the corresponding button within the web and write the access credentials. It should be mentioned that the platform also offers the option to enter using a Gmail, Facebook or Apple account, to use any of them just click on the one you want and complete the process. required, as appropriate.

In conclusion, Canva is a very useful design platform for different users, offering multiple free and paid features with which you can create fabulous designs.

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