what is it, functions and how to use the Amazon Assistant

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Virtual assistants, like Alexa from Amazon, have authorized devices capable of performing tasks by simply controlling them via voice commands. This type of invention makes life easier for many people because perform simple actions such as making coffee or activate the house alarm are much more comfortable. Then can be done quickly and simple, without having to get out of bed or sofa.

This is why more and more brands are deciding to include Alexa, Google Voice, Siri or Cortana technology in their devices. Therefore, at present there is an almost infinite number of devices (Smartphones, speakers, vehicles, computers, etc.), which are able to perform simple tasks, like ordering pizza on the Internet, just asking. However, many users still wonder what a virtual assistant is and how it works.

what is it

On the side of its creators, Alexa is “the intelligent voice recognition service and the natural language of Amazon, which allows you to activate voice on any device connected which has a microphone and a speaker ”.

Now, in easy-to-understand words, Alexa is a voice recognition system able to understand and perform simple actions using intelligent technology. It is basically a virtual assistant that Amazon offers its users to make their lives more comfortable. Its name was born in homage to the Library of Alexandria, which, with the particular sound of the letter “X”, served as the inspiration to give a title to this service.

It should be mentioned that this voice recognition system generally associated directly with Echo speakers, because they were the first devices compatible with the assistant. That is why, when searching for information about this service on the Internet, a list of Amazon equipment incorporating this technology is displayed several times. However, it should be noted that Alexa is not a device, but rather a smart system.

His homeworks

The voice recognition system Alexa, offers an incredible variety of functions ranging from turning on the coffee maker to learning and performing complete routines by simply saying a sentence. In this direction, among the things that can be done with this intelligent system, they meet:

  • Order almost any product in line.
  • Track orders from Amazon.
  • Search and find recipes audible step by step on the Internet.
  • Pair and control any existing device on the Smart Home, provided it has a microphone and a speaker.
  • Read books Light up.
  • Find and get schedules sporting events, movies or concerts available.
  • Order pizza or find restaurants close.
  • Pay the bills via the Capital One app.
  • Receive updates and advice on pregnancy.
  • Read e-mails in the e-mail tray.
  • Create alarms or reminders.
  • Discover compatible devices automatically.
  • Combine with other systems such as Alexa Guard and Away Mode to establish home security systems.
  • Set up routines, such as: turning off the lights, activating the alarm, closing and locking the doors or adjusting the coffee maker by simply saying “Good night, Alexa”.
  • Activate in whisper mode so as not to disturb those who are sleeping.
  • Find information the weather.
  • To make video calls between different devices.

Notably these are the main functions from Alexa. However, there are ways to increase the number of things which can be done with Amazon’s speech recognition service, use skills. These are add-ons that can be easily integrated into the wizard to expand its ability to receive and execute commands.

Alexa features
It should also be noted that Amazon is looking to integrate new features to Alexa, like the frustration recognition system and detection. With the latter, the Amazon assistant will be able to recognize when the user is disappointed with its operation. Therefore, it is expected that in the future this voice service will be able to perform many more activities.

The operation of Alexa is very simple, you just need activate the assistant by saying your name and give an order so that it emits a response, for example “Alexa, what will the weather be like tomorrow?” Now, in case there is a person with a similar name at home, this service you have the possibility to change your name to “Echo” or “Amazon”.

It is a characteristic which prevents speech recognition from failing or activated by mistake upon hearing a call similar to his own. It should be noted that, so that Alexa can operate the device which aims to control must have voice input and output, that is, a microphone and a speaker.

Compatible devices

Where can we use Alexa
In addition to being compatible with the Echo range of speakers from Amazon, Alexa can be paired with other large number of products, which includes:

  • Amazon speaker Spectacle.
  • AmazonBasics devices: microwave, wall clocks and outlets.
  • Electrical artifacts Whirlpool, Hisense or Samsung.
  • Televisions LG, Hisense, Toshiba or Sony.
  • Vehicles Ford and Volkswagen (soon at Toyota).
  • Audio devices Sonos, Phonos or LG.
  • Electrical devices (bulbs, switches, sockets, thermostats and sensors) brands ADT, Belkin, WeMo, Bryant, Osram, Philips Hue, Nest, etc.
  • Some personal computers brands HP, Acer, ASUS and Lenovo.
  • Loudspeaker – Router from Huawei.
  • Projector Acer.
  • Devices Fire TV.
  • Smart home systems Logitech Harmony, SmarThings and Wink.

It is expected that with the constant development of Alexa, the service will be available for many more devices in the future.


Alexa versions
It is not possible to say or to say exactly what is the latest version of the system voice recognition, since only its developers know this information. However, Echo speaker line lets you rely on Alexa in its different versions, such as:

  • Amazon Echo.
  • Amazon Echo Dot (second and third generation).
  • Amazon Echo Plus.
  • Amazon Echo Show (second and third generation).
  • Amazon Echo Spot.
  • Amazon Echo Studio.
  • Amazon Echo Sub.

All these devices have the same Amazon AssistantHowever, they differ from each other in such factors as type of technology used, price, size, functions, among others. Some of them have different versions, resulting in the same team of first, second and third generation, depending on the year of their market launch.

In summary, Alexa is a service voice recognition system designed and developed by Amazon perform different functions just by receiving an order. On the other hand, despite being configured in the Echo speaker line, the Amazon Assistant should not be understood as one of those teams.

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