What is it and what is it for

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Microsoft Editor is a program that is part of the Microsoft Office software package, developed by the American firm Microsoft Corporation.

The first edition was released to the market by the aforementioned company in 1991 in version 1.0 as a design and edition program. Then new and improved versions appeared over the years.

Currently, it continues to be a part of the popular Microsoft office suite as well as other well-known programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, among others.

It can be purchased as of today, through the two versions offered by the application: Office 365, in its “Home” and “Personal” modes, and Microsoft Office 2016, in its Professional version.

Why is it?

Microsoft Editor is a program designed for creating and editing visual aids or printed materials.

With it you can give free rein to your imagination and create, in a practical and relatively simple way, brochures, posters, cards, calendars, magazines, newsletters, diplomas, diptychs, triptychs, invitations , CVs, letterheads, covers, catalogs, flyers, journals, agendas, almanacs, certificates, reports, homework and more.

It stands out for being an accessible and easy to use tool, therefore, can be used by professionals, students or inexperienced people who do not have a great knowledge of graphic design.

The program, has specific DTP functions that make it an intuitive and efficient instrument and which in turn position it against other applications with which it competes, such as Adobe InDesign, which is used more in a professional context.

It is a program with a user-friendly interface that allows through various options of predefined templates or predefined sheets, the creation of documents or publications faster and more precisely.

They are organized in categories so that the user can choose the one that interests him according to what he needs or wants to create.

Among its main functions, the following stand out:

  • Allows you to design your own backgrounds for documents
  • It has a wide range of formats for texts
  • It offers the possibility of repeating structures in different sections.
  • Supports adding texts and images to content
  • It is compatible with online platforms such as OneDrive.
  • Provides access to the Microsoft image bank.
  • Your own photos can be used
  • It has direct mail options
  • It has customization tools
  • Accept the exchange of documents
  • Allows you to save high resolution files

With Microsoft Publisher, it is possible start designing from scratch. From a blank page and using the templates and elements available in the application, attractive and original compositions can be obtained.

In addition, once the work is done, whether in the form of brochures, catalogs, flyers or others, the possibility of sending them to print or publishing them directly on the web is available.

Benefits for publishers

Its accessibility and ease of use allow individuals, businesses or institutions, small, medium and large, to use this design and layout program, without the need to call in experts in the field or to specialized applications for this purpose.

Editor offers the user the ability to create and edit materials with optimal presentation, not counting too many skills, obtaining professional-level effects not obtained with word processors such as Microsoft Word.

In addition to its practicality and efficiency, it has other advantages: it is much more cost effective compared to other DTP programs in the market and comes with helpful wizards, which has a step by step guide to more easily develop the job.

In short, it is a tool that can bail out any user if he does not have great notions of design for the creation of documents or graphic pieces quickly and efficiently, with decent and striking finishes.

With its large collection of templates and diversity of content, any project can be successfully completed.

Released versions

Here are the versions of Microsoft Publisher since its launch until today:

  • Microsoft Publisher for Windows, released in 1991
  • Microsoft Publisher for Windows, released in 1993
  • Microsoft Publisher for Windows 95, also known as Microsoft Publisher 3.0, released in 1995
  • Microsoft Publisher for Windows 95, released in 1996
  • Microsoft Publisher for Office 97, released in 1998
  • Microsoft Publisher 2000, included in Office 2000, released 2000
  • Microsoft Publisher 2002, included in Office XP Professional and released in 2001
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Editor
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Editor
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Editor
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Editor
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Editor

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