What happens to photos and videos in Google Photos after June 1, 2021? Guide

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What happens to photos and videos in Google Photos after June 1, 2021? Guide

From June 1, 2021, Google Photos will no longer allow you to download high quality images without limits. Some readers have asked us if this change would erase their photos. We explain better how things stand.

Google Photos said no more unlimited storage: we knew this, but we need to say it again. Starting June 1, 2021, all new photos and videos – regardless of the quality you choose – will occupy the space available to individual users. Such space can be the 15 GB space given with the creation of Google account or the one purchased through Google One’s cloud subscription plans.

Only Pixel smartphone owners will stay out of this changeperiod. They will be able to continue downloading photos and videos in the “high quality” google call download size.

Google Photos says enough: no more free photo and video storage as of June 1, 2021

Some readers have contacted us and expressed concern about the end of their photos. After the change, what will happen to images and videos already in Google Photos that have been uploaded until June 1, 2021. Will they be deleted? Will they suddenly help reduce the extra space that may have been purchased? We explain it to you.

What are the google photos backup strategies in place?

If you have a Google account and an Android or iOS phone, you can set up Google Photos to automatically retrieve videos and images from selected folders on your device. In fact, the backup is automatic only for Android smartphones; for iOS devices, the backup process does not start until you open the Google Photos app.

You can also upload photos from your PC browser, reach the Google Photos page and sign in to their Google account.

The space taken by the backup, and any download manual, is determined by the choice of image download size andvideos. In Italy, the user can choose between “original quality” and “high quality”. But what is the difference between the two dimensions?

Original quality photos and videos uploaded in original quality are stored on Google servers at the same resolution they were captured, and are still counted for the account storage calculation Google. The backup of photos and videos will therefore be completely identical to the original content. An exact digital copy.

High quality photos and videos uploaded in high
quality, on the other hand, undergo processing by Google: if a photo exceeds 16 MP, it will still be resized to 16 MP. The same thing happens for videos. Movies with a resolution higher than 1080p will be resized to 1080p. Google says a video of 1080p or less will be similar to the original. This is true only for the resolution, but we can safely say that the repressed video is still losing quality. Photos, on the other hand, are processed a bit better, although they are resized.

Google and Pixel, save photos in original and optimized quality. Do you see any differences?

What happens on June 1, 2021 in Google Photos?

With the exception of the owners of any Pixel smartphone who will keep some space free for high quality download, All new photos and videos uploaded by Google Photos users, both in high and original quality, will decrease the available storage space.

How much storage space is available for each Google Account?

The owner of a Google Account already has 15 GB of free space with profile activation. Additional space can be purchased separately through a monthly subscription according to the plans provided by the Google One service.

What happens to content already in Google Photos after June 1, 2021?

Nothing. Photos and videos already uploaded manually or via high-quality automatic backup before June 1, 2021 will not be modified and will not be deleted. They will also not help reduce the available space.

Example. If you only have the free 15 GB and you only have high quality photos and videos downloaded, as of June 1, 2021 this space will not be recalculated and reduced by the images already present. Everything will stay exactly as it was.

Even in the case of original quality photos and videos nothing will change, because this download size has always subtracted the space from that available.

What happens to new photos and videos uploaded on June 1, 2021?

Whether it is high quality downloaded content or original quality, all new photos and videos uploaded manually or resulting from an autosave will be subtracted from the available space. on the Google account.

Is there an obligation to purchase additional space from Google?

No. If you run out of available space, whether it’s the free 15GB or those purchased with a Google One plan, you won’t have the option to upload videos or photos, and the auto-backup won’t complete. the operation until you have the space you need.

If I run out of Google storage, can I use Google Photos with another cloud manager?

No. If you upload photos and videos to Google Photos, even via backup, the space used is the space made available by Google.

Can I use another manager to store my images and videos?

Yes. Instead of Google Photos there are alternatives that we have already seen in a specific article.

In case you have an iOS device, you can also consider purchasing additional space from the service Apple iCloud which allows you to automatically backup captured photos and videos from iOS device.

In case you want to migrate from Google Photos, there is a service specifically designed by Google called ” Google Takeout“. With Google Takeout, you can export a copy of the content of all services provided by Google that relate to a certain account. If you just want to get the uploaded Google Photos content, just select only that service from all available on the page.

In this case, Google Takeout will display a selectable list divided by dates and the name of the album created in Google Photos. The dates represent the photos and videos captured on that day. In the next step, Google Takeout will create a compressed file in a user-downloadable .zip.

In the file there will be .zip folders which will have by namethe dates, inside which there will be photos and videos of that particular day. The user, therefore, to access all the photos, will have to individually open all the folders in the .zip file.

Once you have the photos and videos downloaded on your device, you can upload them to the new cloud service you chose as the replacement for Google Photos.

Is there a way to better organize and automatically organize content downloaded from Google Photos with Google Takeout?

Yes, but you must have computer skills. To remedy the failure of google to take away dates – and therefore files – he is a python script downloadable from GitHub which allows you to extract files from individual folders and copy them into one. If you want, you can still keep the folder breakdowns by year and month, but .json files that are little used to migrate to another cloud service will be excluded.

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