What are the ways to attract more visitors to your site?

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If you have a website for your business, its performance depends in part on the traffic it receives. Without significant traffic, it will be difficult for your site to generate sales. As a result, your growth goal is compromised.

Optimizing your website traffic then becomes necessary. This is all the more true, given the number of websites and blogs that are born every day. To generate more traffic to your site, there are several strategies. I present the main ones in this article.

SEO, a major source of traffic for your site

The majority of websites with high traffic rely on natural or organic referencing (SEO). Organic SEO is the set of techniques that ensure your website, a privileged position at the level of search engines.

You will agree with me that a well-positioned site is naturally more likely to receive visitors than one that is lower in the search engine rankings. But, effective SEO requires you to use a specialist SEO agency. For example, Valic is specialized in organic SEO and could accompany you within the framework of this project.

Several factors are indeed important for your SEO to be of quality and allow you to achieve your objectives. The choice of keywords, for example, is fundamental in SEO, as is that of the lexical field that must be associated with these keywords, to create semantic richness. Likewise is it essential that these keywords are inserted in your content sparingly.

In addition to keywords, SEO also integrates on-page optimization, which allows you to work on your titles, meta-descriptions and tags. Then follow the modalities such as the design of your site, internal networking, obtaining backlinks, etc.

Attract visitors with advertising

Contrary to natural reference whose fruits are generally appreciated over time, advertising is a solution that allows you to quickly achieve results. If you want to bet on this option, be aware that there are several advertising agencies on the web. The most effective of these is Google Adwords.

Google Adwords allows you to position yourself at the top of Google search results, on the keywords you have chosen, without having to resort to SEO. The search engine also offers other forms of advertising through banners and videos displayed on several websites at the same time. You can also consider advertising through social networks.

You can use the Facebook Ads program from Facebook, for example. YouTube, Twitter and Instagram also have large audiences and offer various forms of advertising. The advantage of advertising through these channels and Google Ads is accuracy. Indeed, you have the possibility to select your targets and obtain a rapid return on investment.

Backlinks, a significant source of traffic

The backlinks are the external links which direct towards your site. They have two main advantages. When a website or blog talks about you in relation to your industry, it can arouse the curiosity of its visitors who will seek to know more about you. For this, they will only have to click on the link that redirects to your site. Now it’s up to you to interest them so that they come back, subscribe or follow you on your social networks.

Apart from this aspect, also bear in mind that the more links that redirect to the pages of your site, the more they will be indexed by Google robots. With regard to them, you are considered as a reference in your field and therefore benefit from notoriety, which guarantees more traffic.

Emailing to increase efficiency

Email marketing is also a technique that allows you to attract more visitors to your website. It consists in arousing the engagement of people whose email address you had during a physical exchange or via your site, by sending them emails. The advantage of the newsletter when it is well thought out is to ensure regular traffic.

While emailing is an interesting trick in itself, you can increase its effectiveness with marketing automation. Marketing automation consists of observing the behavior of your Internet users by taking an interest in the pages they visit, the products they find out about, the types of content they read.

Then, you can then send them a newsletter tailored to their interests. This trick has the advantage of being automated. Of course, this assumes that upstream, you take steps to automate this approach when Internet users have behaviors such as those I described to you previously. This saves you time and efficiency.

A strong presence on social networks, a guarantee of significant traffic

Social networks today occupy a prominent place in the marketing strategy of companies. They allow you to communicate, present your products and services outside of your website. The advantage of social networks is to reach a large audience through word-of-mouth and sharing.

Being a source of traffic, social media will strengthen your SEO. However, I told you already, a significant traffic on your site positively influences your notoriety. However, the choice of social networks on which you will position yourself largely depends on your activity. Besides social media, there are other sources of traffic that you can tap into.

Local SEO is indeed a way to attract visitors to your site and make your activity more visible. It is just as interesting as using YouTube or Instagram influencers, depending on the nature of your business.

To these tips, I add the publication of articles on a blog and on other websites. Once all or part of these sources have been exploited, take care to analyze the results, to see what worked best and what needs improvement.

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