What are the main criteria for evaluating the quality of a website?

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The creation of a website requires the integration of several parameters. Far from being within everyone’s reach, it is preferable to entrust this task to real professionals. Clearly, these give the best guarantees to have a high-performance and quality website. Either way, it is a good idea to know the main elements that make the quality of a website. This guide will enlighten you on the matter!


Navigation is one of the main determinants of the quality of a website. Therefore, your site design should take this parameter into consideration. Note that navigation includes all the factors that make it easier to access and use your site. To evaluate the navigation of a site, it is necessary to ask specific questions:

  • Does the menu provide access to the right sections of the site?
  • Is the menu easy to read?
  • Is the site map simple and straightforward enough?
  • Are all clickable items clearly marked?

Good navigation offers many advantages to Internet users. It provides easy access to the information sought. Also, it optimizes the route on the site. It is therefore essential to guarantee optimal navigation for your website. You can call on a professional like Jonathan sicart. With this web agency, all performance indicators are green for your website. Among other things, you design a site with excellent ergonomics.

The responsive aspect of the site

Responsive design or responsive web design is a website creation process that makes content accessible from any medium. A responsive site is therefore a site accessible from a PC, a smartphone, a tablet or even a connected television. Such a site is designed on the basis of a technique which makes it possible to make it systematically adaptable to all types of screens. By designing your site according to this process, you will no longer need:

  • generate different formats;
  • produce a mobile site;
  • create a special site for tablets.

Indeed, a responsive site already includes many formats for different screen sizes and for several media. How to recognize a responsive site? It suffices that it be accessible successively on a tablet, a PC and a smartphone without presenting display defects. In addition to improving the quality of a website, responsive design is an essential asset for digital marketing. For natural referencing, this criterion is also useful.

apple device

A responsive site significantly improves the customer journey. By making a site accessible from any medium, it becomes accessible to everyone at any time. Responsive design is then a perfect option to make your site accessible to all Internet users. This makes it possible in particular to retain more customers.


The design of a website is undoubtedly a determining factor of its quality. The first thing you notice when you visit a website is its interface. It is necessary to have an optimal web design. The visual occupies a preponderant place in communication on the net. The first impressions of Internet users on a website are indeed decisive. For a website to be reliable and presentable, it is important to take care of its design.

The latter is based on the aesthetics and functionality of the site. It should be noted that users rely on these different aspects to attest to the quality and seriousness of the company. Design has a real influence on the perception of visitors. Rather than doing a trivial design for your site, create an interface that is based on the rules of UI / UX design. To make the site as attractive as possible, you have to work on these aspects:

  • colors ;
  • the quality of the paperwork;
  • the logo ;
  • the arrangement of the elements;
  • originality.

The design of your website is rightly or wrongly an indicator of its quality and reliability.

The contents

The content also occupies a preponderant place for the quality of a website. A good web platform is a site that produces relevant, reliable and useful content for Internet users. This criterion should not be neglected if you want to have an efficient website. Indeed, quality content has the ability to capture the attention of Internet users and generate traffic.

It is essential that a website produces quality content on a regular basis. This represents a mark of professionalism, but also of reliability. In addition, there are many other technical aspects to take into account in the process of creating a website. A web design professional gives the best guarantees of results.

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