We take back your old console on Back Market!

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Containment is back and it’s probably a good time to do some cleaning at home. Rather than stacking your old consoles in the attic to collect dust, you can resell them on Back Market!

Not only does it free you up space (to buy another on Back Market, for example?), but you are giving it new life. And then you can earn up to € 250 for the resale of your Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox.

Resell your old consoles on Back Market here!

The new Back Market console take-back service

Near’a hundred electronic devices and electricity are piling up in all of us, which represents nearly 2.5 tonnes of waste per household in France. And theenvironmental impact of these products is huge. We wouldn’t count less than 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions throughout the life cycle of a smartphone, from the extraction of raw materials, to production, up to the management of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

This is why we at Back Market have decided to take another small step: after the takeover of smartphones and tablets, we have finally launched our take-back service for consoles. We are from elsewhere one of the rare players today to take over this type of online product. Fortunately, the Post office remains open during the confinement and it is always possible to come and drop off your old product.

How it works ?

The process of taking back Back Market consoles is quite simple and is similar to the takeover of smartphones. This has been live on the site for a longer time and you may have already experienced it. Note that you can also resell your old console regardless of its condition. Here’s how to proceed, after clicking on the link above:

  1. Estimate the value of your device : find your model, describe the condition and receive an offer in a few clicks.
  2. Prepare your device : Carefully pack your console with the cables and accessories declared.
  3. Send it for free. The shipment is free of charge and the package insured at its value.
  4. Receive your payment directly on your account, after verification of the device.

What are the advantages of taking back consoles from the Back Market?

  • The price ! You receive the best offer among those of our buyers
  • This is simple ! A trade-in offer in a few clicks and the shipment is completely free.
  • This is secured ! Our buyers are verified professionals. The shipment is insured at its value and payment is made by bank transfer.
  • This is environmentally friendly ! It is possible to give devices a second lifeeven broken.

How to exchange your console on Back Market?

We told you last year about the possibility of resell your old phone when making a new purchase on Back Market. A process that allows you to reduce the purchase price of the new product, deducting the value of the resold product, all with one click. Well, today it is possible to do the same with your console.

You will find many models of consoles on Back Market, including our best sellers:

How does the exchange of consoles work?

The process remains as simple as for smartphones. You can always sell your old console on Back Market at the best price and regardless of its condition. Only, instead of receiving the money directly, it will be deducted from the purchase price of a new console. With one stone, two birds, if you will.

  1. When purchasing or adding to your cart, you will see a purple banner like this:
  1. Describe in a few seconds the model, as well as the state of your old console.
  2. Accept the offer.
  1. Once the purchase is made, the shipment is insured at its value and free. No costs are to be advanced.
  2. You have to add your RIB and your bank card to your personal space in order to receive your money within 6 days.

Estimate your old console here!

Finally, cleaning all your electronic devices is a good idea, isn’t it? All you have to do is choose which one will join you to occupy your confinement.


Content creator at Back Market, he taps the keyboard to analyze the environmental impact of digital technology. In his spare time, he plays apprentice fiction writer, does Kung Fu, and eats five fruits and vegetables a day.

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