We stick together at Back Market!

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The second confinement that we have suffered since October 30 fell like a sledgehammer for a large majority of traders. If at Back Market our sales are mainly made online, other specialists in our universe only depend on so-called sales, then the decision to close non-essential businesses was seen for most of them as a real disaster.

We decided to get things moving to help our colleagues get through this mess. Yes, that’s how we are at Back Market, we stick together because we have in our DNA the ambition to support physical businesses.

You want to know more, click here !

But by the way, what is the history of Back Market?

Created by Thibaud Hug de Larauze, Vianney Vaute and Quentin Le Brouster, Back Market entered the market for the sale of electrical and electronic products reconditioned by professionals in november 2014 and cocorico, it’s a French startup!

If you read our articles regularly, you must have understood that the company’s goal is to promote reuse, and to fight against electronic waste as well as planned obsolescence, in a more ecological approach than recycling.

We are present today in 10 countries : in France, in Germany, in Italy, in Spain, in Belgium, in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Austria, in the Netherlands and in Finland. Our three offices are located in Paris, Bordeaux and New York and we count almost 10,000,000 sessions per month 😎.

What is Back Market doing to help VSEs and SMEs cope with containment?

Since the creation of Back Market, many small and medium-sized companies working in the refurbished world have joined our platform to sell their stock online. So to help the buying and selling businesses of second-hand products which were forced to temporarily close the curtain because of this re-containment, we decided to develop as effectively as possible a tailor-made support to help them sell their equipment online. This involves transforming them, at least until their reopening, into 100% digital shops, but also and above all 100% human.

Each of these shops receives assistance from a Account Manager which offers them personalized support and teaches them all the tricks of online sales. Our integrated services also allow them to sell in each country where Back Market is present, of manage their logistics flows as well as their after sales service.

The detailed offer includes:

  • 6 months free monthly subscription & without engagement
  • A specific support to become a perfect web seller
  • A access to 10 European markets without any effort or investment.
  • The transport costs of the first 10 orders offered
  • The after-sales service management fees offered for the first 30 orders
  • -10% on their first order of components : batteries, headphones, chargers

Since the launch of this offer, 1,700 companies have already been contacted to join this program!

You know everything ! You just have to take a look at this page if you want to know more or if the offer interests you or someone you know.


Content creator at Back Market, he taps the keyboard to analyze the environmental impact of digital technology. In his spare time, he plays apprentice fiction writer, does Kung Fu, and eats five fruits and vegetables a day.

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