Want to quit Instagram for good? Here is how to do it

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Exit Instagram: Always discovering the options and functionalities available in one of the largest social networks in the world after Facebook, Instagram and within the framework of the rights to control personal data with the organizations that use them, also undertakes to delete all data, activities and photos in a definitive way.

Like Facebook and at the request of the user, the process is a bit complicated because Instagram does not make things easier for a user who wishes to leave his network. And as I said before in another article about Facebook, it takes a whole guide to be able to separate from Instagram and it is not easy! The privacy of users (and their data) is a matter of the existence and continuity of this network, so there is no question of giving up easily.

The only way in front of you to delete and leave Instagram permanently is to go through the network’s web interface and no longer through the application and here is the procedure and how to do it:

1. Open the web browser and go to the Instagram account deletion page.

2. Log in to your Instagram account if you are not logged in

3. On the page dedicated to deleting your account, indicate the reason for deleting your account by selecting an answer from the drop-down menu.

4. Instagram will do its utmost by trying to change your decision to leave the platform with a proposal to resolve any issues, put in the drop-down menu: Other things

5. Then enter your password to confirm your decision

6. Finally, click on the red button Permanently delete my account.

Here you are, you are no longer part of the network and your account is permanently deleted!

If you want to use Instagram without anyone knowing you’re online, consider reading this tip: How to turn off online status on Instagram.

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