Vivo and his smartphone that changes colors

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These days, recent models of phones all seem the same. This is all the more obvious in advertisements, where it is sometimes difficult to recognize the brand. As a result, any novelty in the electronic market is like a breath of fresh air for the consumer. In this sense, the Chinese company Vivo is careful to distinguish itself from its competitors. Its latest prototype: a smartphone that changes color.

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For most of us, choosing a smartphone is actually not an easy task. Indeed, in addition to deciding on the model, we hesitate on the hull color. Even after buying our phone, sometimes we regret our choice. Maybe the color X would have been better… Unfortunately, this sentence is often irreversible. Unless you can afford to have multiple smartphones, you’re going to have to live with your device for a long time.

However, according to Vivo’s latest announcement, this fatality will no longer apply. Indeed, the China-based company made headlines on Weibo as well as global social media. The cause ? His smartphone that changes color, and whose characteristics are more than promising. Indeed, the little clip published by the brand presents a thin model whose design goes through several variations. The laptop shell goes from gray to blue and vice versa. When you make a movement, your phone changes color. This also happens when the latter sees his position changed. The video, now available on Twitter, proves that this alteration is not just a play of light.

What is behind this innovation?

Following requests from Internet users, the Vivo company explains the mechanism behind its creation. You might have guessed it, but the trick comes down to the electro-chrome hardware used. You can find this type of glass in your windshield, for example, or more frequently in apartment windows. This electro-chrome glass has the ability to integrate an electrical component within it, which offers this fluidity of color. Vivo engineers therefore had the idea of ​​exploiting this pre-existing faculty in their products. Thus, the presence of this electro-chrome material in the shell of the device gives it a varied palette of colors.

However, the brief video presentation does not allow us to decide on the activation mechanism. We still do not know if we can trigger this option on a voluntary basis. Integrated button, specific maneuver? No idea for the moment and Vivo does not say more.

Certainly, a technology that changes the color of your smartphone finds little practical interest. But when you see the number of people who are replacing their smartphones, you can consider the financial angle of the thing. By having the option “Color shifting” on our phone, we would feel less inclined to regret the other versions.

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Before you take out your wallets, the smartphone in question is still not selling, at least for now. In fact, Vivo’s technical team just posted the video on the Internet, without promising anything to its customers. No answer either regarding the date of marketing of this phone. One can only assume, based on our general analysis of the prototype, that it might be an improvement on an older model. Our deduction is for the X50, revealed a few months ago by Vivo.

The fact that the release of the smartphone has not been announced can be explained by several constraints, the main one probably being that of cost. Indeed, adding functions to a smartphone is proving to be expensive, despite the distinctive advantages that these offer it. The company finds itself forced to increase the prices they offer, which is not to please its customers. In addition, one can wonder about the robustness of the phone shell. Vivo technicians would therefore have to work on these small issues before they can present the final product to the general public. Still, it is admirable that a company of Vivo’s caliber put so much effort into surpassing itself. This is why, if the firm wants it, we will soon have our smartphones which change colors in our hands!

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