VivaTech 2017: we were there!

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But this sector also shines by its protean character: from many applications have already been identified. We will retain for example remote monitoring of chronic diseases offered by the Biomouv startup hosted by Orange. On your smartphone or your Tablet, Biomouv gives you access to personalized monitoring and rehabilitation tools that adapt in real time to your personal data.

More conceptually, it was the Mc Kinsey firm which got into the hard work with a detailed, documented and argued conference on the subject (one of the most interesting in our eyes, even if all the speakers were of high quality. ). According to their studies, no less than $ 20 billion to $ 30 billion were invested in 2016, a figure that has grown exponentially in recent years.

Without surprise, the most advanced sectors in the field are finance, new technologies, telecommunications.

An encouraging point to note: according to Mc Kinsey, this change would be less destructive of jobs than expected, with only 10% of the positions directly eliminated in the long term.

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