Vanish Mode: temporary messages arrive on Messenger and Instagram

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Temporary messages are coming to Instagram and Messenger: check out the new feature here.

Vanish Mode – temporary messages are also arriving on Messenger andInstagram. Coming to two of the most famous social networks and used by users around the world the new feature of Vanish Mode which will allow you to send messages which are automatically deleted.

After the introduction of ephemeral messages on WhatsApp, which allows you to send messages on the well-known instant messaging app which are automatically deleted after seven days, the disappear mode come on Instagram and Messenger. Read on to find out more.

Vanish Mode: the new feature coming for Messenger and Instagram

Among the many novelties that will update, day after day, the most used social networks in the world, it has been announced the introduction of a new feature for Messenger and e Instagram who will be released soon for users in different countries around the world: disappear mode. We don’t yet know the exact release date of this feature on Messenger and Instagram,but as soon as it is known, you will find it here.

This new feature will introduce a novelty that will give users the ability to send messages that are automatically deleted once they have been viewed by the interlocutor and the latter has left the chat. This functionality is very similar to that of Snapchat, and will allow you to give a “deadline” to text messages, but also to all other items sent in the chat, such as GIFs and voice messages.

Unlike ephemeral WhatsApp messages, which allow you to delete entire conversations (private and in groups) after seven days, Instagram and Messenger Vanish Fashion will introduce messages of a much shorter duration, which will disappear immediately after being viewed.

We do not yet have specific details on the how Vanish Mode is activated, but it looks like the disappear mode will have to be activated manually in the chat when you want to send a temporary message to another user. However, to be able to exit this mode, simply select the item Disable Disappearance Mode and you return to classic mode.

It was also expected that this feature will also let you know, just as happened with Snapchat, when a user takes screenshot from the message you sent: a small but big change for two famous platforms.

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