Ultimate Guide on How to Fix Unprovisioned MM2 Sim

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Hello geeks

Warm wishes to all blog seekers. Hope everyone is doing good. Are you here for today’s topic? OK so can you guess what the topic is or can you even guess the related topic. Ha-ha sorry to confuse you. It was a little act just to make fun of it. Yeah come on, let’s get to the topic of the day and let me clear up your confusion. Here the topic is about the methods to fix Unprovisioned Sim MM2.

SIM cards are small chips that work as a way to connect the phone to your carrier. It is intended to provide your carrier with certain details to identify your smartphone account. And you can optionally call and use the internet service. Now, if your device displays “SIM card not included” on Android, it means that you cannot connect to your operator’s network or you may not be able to identify your cell phone account to your operator. Let’s read more to know how to fix Unprovisioned Sim MM2.

Fixed Unprovisioned Sim MM2

Part 1. Why does the error message “MM2 not provided by SIM” appear?

The pop-up shows “SIM not included” on Android for many reasons. In practice, this will have a more likely impact on consumers who have a new activated SIM card. If this is a major problem or if the SIM card does not work in Android, the problem is with the SIM card and should be replaced. But here is a recap of the occasions when you might be disturbed by the “SIM not provided” message.

  1. Your handset has a new SIM card
  2. When your connections are transferred to the new SIM card.
  3. In the event that the operator’s network provider authorization system is not available.
  4. Perhaps without an active roaming agreement, you are also outside the network coverage area.
  5. Still, a perfect job is being done for the new SIM cards. However, for security reasons, it is often important to activate your SIM card.

In case you haven’t bought a new SIM card and the one you have been using so far has been working perfectly fine, the following explanations might be the most likely:

If your SIM card is too old it may be dead, try replacing it.

Another explanation is that your SIM card is not available because it may have been assigned to a particular phone by your service provider. Today, you may see a warning stating “Incorrect SIM” if you even plug the SIM card into another device or system. I think this method is more than sufficient to fix Unprovisioned Sim MM2.

Part 2. 8 Correction of error “MM2 not supported by SIM”

“MM2 not supported SIM” error on Android is fixed with one click

Let’s move on to the first and easiest way to fix sim card which is not supported by Android without further discussions. We are excited to present dr.fone-System Repair (Android), a tool that can fix virtually all types of Android operating system issues with just a few clicks. Whether it is a SIM card which is not supported for Android or a SIM card which does not work for Android or you have a hard drive or black / white dead screen. The incompetence of the Android operating system is the most likely reason for these errors. And you can quickly and efficiently repair your Android operating system without any problem by using dr. Fone repair (Android)

Step by step tutorial to fix MM2 SIM not provisioned error

>> Step 1) Link computer to Android

Download and start your dr.fone toolkit, then choose “System Repair” option on the main interface.

>> Step 2) Choose Android Repair and Key Info-

Now click on the “Android Repair” button among the three options on the left, and then press the “Start” button. The next screen asks you to enter key information about important equipment, such as make, model, country and carrier. And press “Prev.”

>> Step 3) Installation mode to start your computer-

It is important that you download your device to fix stronger Android operating system. Only follow the on-screen instructions to start Android in DFU and tap on the “Next” option. When the software is finished, the most compatible and latest firmware is automatically downloaded for your smartphone.

>> Step 4) Start repair-

The app scans the firmware and then recovers the Android device after the update is complete. You will find in no time that your Android smartphone has been fully patched.

2.2 Protect from dirty or wet SIM card

Sometimes getting the SIM card and SIM card ready properly can be that easy. Make sure the SIM card is not wet and replace it. When this happened, the SIM card that was not working on Android was due to dirt or dust that was preventing good contact with the pins of the device and the SIM card. This is the best way to fix Unprovisioned MM2 Sim.

2.3 Insert the SIM card correctly

If your SIM card has been working fine so far, it is quite possible that the SIM card has moved slightly from its actual slot. Gradually, the SIM card and the circuit have bad contact. In fact, the pins and the circuit of the SIM card have a bad contact. With the following steps, try to mount your SIM card correctly.

1> Turn off the SIM card holder and leave a Q button on the device’s SIM port.

2> Take a soft pencil eraser and gently stick it on the golden pins of the SIM card to clean it completely. And remove the remaining rubber from the SIM card using a soft cloth.

3> Put the SIM card back in the SIM card manager, then put it back on the SIM port.

4> Turn on your computer and check if your SIM is fixed or not on Android.

2.4 SIM card activated

Normally, once you buy a new SIM card, it is automatically turned on on the new device within 24 hours. However, if not and you are wondering how to unlock the SIM card, use the following three options to enable activation:

* Call your business service provider.

* Send to text message

* Log in to your provider’s website and check the activation tab.

Note: The options mentioned above are quick and easy to activate. Whether they approve them depends on your network of operators.

2.5 The carrier must touch

Even if your SIM card is not available, choose a new work unit to call your customer or network. Make sure that the whole situation is explained to them and the error message. Be careful when looking for the problem. It may take a long time, or in a few minutes it can be solved, it all depends on the complexity of the problem.

2.6 Check the other side of the SIM card

Another reason why the SIM card not working on Android can be due to the SIM card slot. You don’t have to be tested or patched instantly with dual SIM technologies instantly. You will be able to easily remove it by throwing the SIM card out of its original SIM slot and inserting it into another SIM card slot, if you are considering this approach then obviously the SIM card slot has corrupted the issue. And therefore, no questions were asked by SIM.

2.7 Try other phones with the SIM card

Or just if you still have no joy, you are still bothered by the SIM card which is not provided in Android. Try to use another Android device. Remove the SIM card and connect it to other mobile phone devices from the device that is creating the problem. This will then let you know if the question applies only to your computer or to the SIM card.

2.8 Try a new card for the SIM

Still not wondering how to fix SIM card? Maybe nothing worked for you, really, right? Okay, you need to go to the carrier’s store and apply for a new SIM card. Therefore, you will be able to perform correct tests on your old SIM card with “MM2 not issued by SIM” error and hopefully fix it.

These are the actions which must be taken by the user to overcome and these are the solution for the error of simulation problems.

Thanks geeks, hope all the information is very valuable to you and if not, please send me a comment on your query, i will show you the best solution for this problem. There you go, guys are having a great day of your life.

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