Turn off the always-on screen feature of Apple Watch

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Since the release of Series 5, the Apple Watch screen has an always-on display function. Although very practical, this device does not provide much added value. In addition, it consumes a little battery, thus reducing the autonomy of the Apple smartwatch. Here is the procedure to turn off the always-on screen feature of Apple Watch.

Understanding the Always On feature of iPhone

The Always on Display is arguably one of the most anticipated features since the launch of the Apple Watch. It must be said that this has many advantages. With the always-on display, you can discreetly check the time without having to tap the screen or lift your wrist with a sharp gesture.

This novelty is particularly useful especially during a gathering (family, office meeting). Indeed, it is considered very rude to consult your watch. This gesture of disinterest could hurt your interlocutor.

Likewise, you will certainly be happy to have the always-on display available on your shopping sprees. The information on the Apple Watch screen, including notifications, remains easily accessible even with full hands.

Disadvantages of leaving your watch screen on all the time

You will certainly find this new feature very useful. But beware, it nevertheless shows some limits. The main one concerns the confidentiality of the information displayed on the screen.

Personally, I wouldn’t like my coworkers to see the content of my messages or the events on my calendar. Fortunately, Apple has provided an option to hide sensitive data (heart measurement graph, activity circles, mention of appointments, message, etc.).

  • Open your Apple Watch settings
  • Use the digital crown to scroll through the different screens until you see the Display and brightness section.
  • Activate the option Hide sensitive complications

Your emails, your next appointment and all your personal information will now be hidden. If necessary, a small tap on the screen will allow you to obtain additional information on one of your notifications.

Turn off always-on display on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has an autonomy that is in the high average of the market. However, if you are one of those people who still want it, here is a tip optimize the autonomy of the Apple connected watch.

  • Click on the Settings icon (toothed wheel) on the screen of your connected watch
  • Swipe down to find Display and Brightness and click on it
  • Press the green Always On switch to deactivate this function

Note that only Series 5, 6 and higher versions of the Apple Watch have the Always On Display function (always activated). As a reminder, this option allows you to display the time and other information on the watch screen even if your wrist is down.

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