Travel to the Maghreb: VPN, luxury or necessity?

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There are many advantages to using a VPN, whatever the geographical location. Some of the most common arguments for installing this type of software are privacy and identity protection as well as access to more content. During a stay abroad, the use of a VPN also ensures the traveler access to the majority of the content of his country of origin. In the specific case of the Arab world, from the Gulf countries to the Maghreb, VPN software also makes it easier to browse the web and access its usual entertainment content.

Streaming movies and series

The content available on streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime in Arab countries is quite different than in Europe. For example, movies and TV series are often adapted to Muslim culture. Cutting scenes and modifying dialogue are common practices in adapting programs for Arab audiences. With a VPN you can have access to the original versions of your favorite movies and series. A certain part of the content of these platforms is simply not adapted to Eastern standards, the offer is also more limited. The VPN will also guarantee you access to all content related to your subscription.

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Online games

With an annual growth of 25%, the Arab video game market is doing very well. The presence of a young population, eager for technology, and in search of indoor activities and hobbies in order to escape the high temperatures facilitates the expansion of video games on consoles, smartphones and computers. Each year, millions of them wait for the release of new versions of successful games such as FIFA or Call of Duty. With 200 million players, Fortnite also symbolizes the success of video games in this part of the world. But this booming market remains controlled. Thus, some games like the second part of The last of us, deemed too violent or vulgar, have seen their outing canceled in several countries in the region. Using a VPN allows you to play your favorite games and continue to use your regular servers. Ditto for fans of games of chance like blackjack or roulette: downloading a secure VPN is a necessity according to Arabian Betting for connect to online casinos, given that some internet service providers actively block these sites.

Tracking sports events

TV rights sporting events such as football matches reach ever more astronomical amounts each year. The last two decades have seen such a level of inflation that it has sometimes become more expensive to watch a game on television than in the stadium. More and more often, federations sell all of the image rights of a competition to a single distributor, who rediviates these same rights among several broadcasters around the world. Several television channels can therefore have the broadcasting rights for the same sporting event in different regions. Therefore, on the move, sports enthusiasts may lose access to live streaming of sporting events because the content is usually paid. Once again, the VPN software will allow its user to follow the events that interest them with peace of mind.

While traveling, it is easy to lose access to some of our favorite online content. This reality is particularly true in the Arab world, which exercises tighter control over accessible information than Western countries. In addition to protecting the identity of its user, a VPN allows travelers to keep their browsing habits. Note however that by surfing the web from a local IP (always possible with a VPN), you will also discover new content. If travel is an opportunity to make new discoveries, this is also true on the Internet. Thus, in Arab countries, you can discover the wonders of Tunisian cinema on Netflix; the sporting performance of camel racing, very popular in the Gulf countries; as well as the beauty of Lebanese syllabic chants on musical platforms.

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