Transportable AGL LED night lamp test

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When we get up at night or early in the morning, we can bump into our furniture because we can’t see anything. Often at night, we cannot reach switches or objects because they cannot be found in a dark room or because they are too far away from us. Sometimes we even avoid turning on the light so as not to wake up our spouse. It might be time to invest in a night lamp system to avoid all of your daily hassles.

What is that ?

It is a small box (white or black), without wires that works with three AA batteries. To turn it on, simply open the cover behind the box and insert the batteries. Nothing could be easier, it takes 2 seconds! This box can be fixed in a good number of places because it does not require a socket and because it is small. You can position it on a large number of supports such as walls for example. There are two attachment systems, either with small screws or with a self-adhesive scratch. The LED system works by detection of movements thanks to a sensor located on the box.

It’s worth it ?

The lighting is of good quality and allows good visibility at night or in a dark place such as a closet or cupboard. The LEDs have a low consumption, they allow 5000 uses, they stay on for 40 seconds at each pass. The advantage of this lighting system is that it can be positioned anywhere and that it does not require any work. The other undeniable advantage is that you can remove the box from its base fixed to the wall, that is to say that if necessary you can take the lamp with you to use it as a torch. The lamps only turn on when it is dark or in a dark place thanks to a special sensor, no risk of them turning on when you walk past in broad daylight. This explains the low energy consumption. So don’t worry if the AGL LED lamp does not light up when you are in a very bright place.

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