Tor or VPN? What are the differences and what is the best option?

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With the increasing speed of mobile networks and Internet connection, the number of data collected also increases. In particular personal informations as to your browsing habits for example. This allows the major players on the Web to concoct profiles to better target you with advertisements.

Surf anonymously saves you from overriding this web surveillance. In some cases, your network may be secure as well. For overcome blockages, you can also opt for a VPN, that is to say, a third-party network with free access which serves you a bit of blanket.

Explore, in complete confidentiality

This is TOR’s promise indeed. So to sum up, impossible to know behind a web consultation. Unlike VPN services, which are also widely covered on our site, access servers are random and provided by network members. Each connection is unique and completely anonymous. On the other hand, the access service is a lot slower than a normal connection. It will take patience, but that is the price of confidentiality.

TOR is also a rather heavy application. She behaves like a browser sort of, here below is what it looks like interface. This is a photo, not a screen print as these are not allowed.

Finally, TOR is freeThis is not the case with VPN apps which are limited or offer advertisements in their non-paid version. For more information, we invite you to consult the full article for install and use TOR Browser on Android.

How are VPN apps different?

As seen below, they are lighter and above all faster than TOR. Intermediate servers are static and optimized for that kind of service. As a result, suppliers often offer a paid version or with advertising if you opt for the basic version. There are very many VPN apps for Android, if you find one that stands out don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments of this article.

The main difference is anonymity, we do not know what you are looking at but the VPN providers are know your IP address therefore your geographic location. Very few reasons for them to come back to you but know that it is still possible.

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