Top Tips and Tricks for Google Calendar

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There are many options in the Google Calendar app. This is why we have made the decision to offer you the best advice and Things for Google calendar; so that you can get the most out of this useful and interesting application as well.

We have already taught you several things about Google Calendar, such as how to use the Maps sidebar in Calendar, apply different time zones, set a goal on mobile devices, share a calendar, among others. This time, we’re going to see some simple, yet very useful, Google Calendar tips and tricks.

Create an event in Google Calendar

One of the best tips or tricks we are going to give you for Google Calendar is something simple, we will see how to create an event and what mistakes we must avoid at all costs. For those of you who have a lot of experience creating calendars, this tip may not be extremely helpful, although we can go over the most important one.

First, we click on the multicolored “+” sign to be able to create a new calendar. When we are in Chrome, this option is to click on any time interval to be able to create a default event of one hour from that moment. In the app, we can do the same if we press a specific time interval.

We will see several configuration options for the event, if we scroll the application up or click on “More options” on a computer we will see more options. We can even configure the event to repeat at certain times; decide how many alerts will be sent per notification or email; change the schedule of what will be added to the event, etc.

Google recently added the ability to authorize RSVP remotely or in person. So when a person accepts an invite, we can see how many can show up or log in from the comfort of their home to confirm.

Send the daily agenda by email

Getting into Google Calendar from Gmail is very easy. In the case of mobile devices, we have to click on the icon with the three horizontal lines and scroll to the “Google Apps” section. If we are from the computer, we can click on the Calendar icon that is on the right side and then click on “Open in new tab”.

If we go to the web version of Google Calendar we will open Settings in the left column and under General we will see “Settings for my calendars”. After that we will have to click on the calendar from which we want a route and we will go to “Other configurations”. The last option we will find will be “Daily planner”, click on the drop down menu and change the option to “Email” and we will be able to receive the daily summary of events in our email.

Google calendar settings

Calendar has several very interesting settings, it even has a lot of tools that are not really useful. Therefore, we will try to focus only on what we find interesting and worth mentioning.

One of those options is to change the default event duration from 60 minutes to just 15 or we can increase it to 120. It is possible to configure different types of settings for different Gmail accounts.

We have also display option, where instead of having the default view, we can do it with the number of days visible by default; we can put the custom view in as little as 2 days or 4 weeks.

Another cool thing is to turn on working hours, we can add boundaries between work and leisure times and warn people if they try to invite you to a meeting during those times. This way they will receive a message of “outside office hours at these hours”.

We can “Snooze” Google Calendar notifications from Chrome. This way we can configure them to appear when the event is closed. For this we will have to go to Settings> Notification settings> Show postponed notifications and we can configure them.

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