Top best free alternatives to Android and iOS

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Be careful, we are not talking about Snoopy’s marrowbone here, but ratherBONE, or mobile OS, which means in English Operating System (or Mobile Operating System), understand in French operating system (mobile) . It is this operating system that will manage, or rather control the smartphone or the tablet as soon as it starts up to make it work by serving as an interface between the device and its user.

Not everyone knows all the technical aspects of a car, and the same can be true of a smartphone. However, knowing which OS “carbides” a phone on can be important before download an application or software or to help technical support in case of concern.

You can identify it when starting the device or directly by going to your settings under the “General” tab for most smartphones or even “Information”. You will know exactly what is your operating system and its version.

And when we talk about free apps or from free software , these are applications or software that these alternative operating systems can run, with the same functions as those installed by default on your device: contacts, photo gallery, etc.

By the way, if you hesitate to buy an iPhone, take a look at our guide: How to choose an iPhone ?

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