Top Back Market Products for Black Friday

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Want to give Mamie Ghislaine a new cell phone? Or maybe change yours? Why not go shopping around iPhone 7 ? Back Market offers you this refurbished smartphone from € 271, as dark as the Friday in question, with a storage capacity of 32 GB, unlocked, not too shy, and that would go roughly in your purse or your back pocket of jeans. A 48% discount is sobering, right?

Even cheaper, you will find on our stall a iPhone 6S 64 GB of storage capacity, also unlocked of course, in a stunning color since space gray. Apart from a few scratches and signs of wear, it can be worn like a charm and its second life in your delicate hands will give it a bright future. From 42% discount, this reconditioned gem of technology is available at € 259. And presto, a Christmas purchase in the box.

Oh my, but wait there is even cheaper, and it’s not just the apple brand in life (even if an apple a day is health forever). How about 64% off? Enticing, isn’t it? Unlocked any operator, a Galaxy S7 from Samsung throne in our store. 32 GB of storage, black as a moonless night, this thin and light smartphone with a large screen is not made to disappoint you! Especially at less than 200 € the starting price …
Of course, all Back Market refurbished smartphones are delivered to you with a charger and compatible headphones.

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