Top 8 Best Eternal Cylinder Beta Mutations

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The Eternal Cylinder puts players in an alien world and controls an animal called Trebhum. Trebhum are unique animals that can acquire abilities by eating other animals or plants. These abilities vary and can make Trebhum powerful threats or helpless prey. Let’s take a look at the best and most useful mutations in The Eternal Cylinder beta.

8. Bouncing legs

This is the first mutation you find in The Eternal Cylinder and it’s incredibly useful. You get the Leaping Legs mutation by eating a Hophopop pod. These legs allow your Trebhum to jump high in the air, making them perfect for moving over steep terrain, exploring caves, or climbing mountains.

While Leaping Legs isn’t as cool as some of the other mutations, it’s a must-have for getting around.

jumping legs upper mutations the eternal cylinder

7. Filter the trunk

All over the landscape of the world of Trebhum, there are trenches filled with poison gas. These trenches can contain valuables Trebhum needs, or they can protect ancient shrines. It is therefore important for a Trebhum to figure out how to enter these trenches without dying.

The Filter Trunk mutation is what allows Trebhum to travel safely through these poisonous fumes, allowing them to pick up any items hidden in the trenches and make their way to their destination. Being able to enter these toxic trenches also allows Trebhum to use them to escape predators.

To get the Filter Trunk mutation, a Trebhum must eat a Filterfluff. It comes from a plant that looks like dandelion seeds.

The trenches aren’t the only places Trebhum will encounter poison gas. There are predators who use poison gas attacks to kill their prey. But with the Filter Trunk mutation, all of these attacks are made unnecessary against Trebhum.

mutations of the top of the filter box in the eternal cylinder

6. Inflatable body

The inflatable body mutation is obtained from the hardened Aeronut towards the end of The Eternal Cylinder beta. The hardened Aeronut grows on uniquely-looking trees called Weeping Trees, and has a hard outer shell that must be cracked. Shooting the hardened Aeronut on the ground or rocks will shatter it, giving you the edible Aeronut Mesocarp.

Eating the Aeronut Mesocarp gives the inflatable body mutation and allows the Trebhum to temporarily float. The main benefit of the Inflatable Body mutation is that it allows you to use geysers to get high in the sky, allowing you to reach places you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

Although the floating capacity is limited, it offers other advantages. If you have jumping legs combined with a bouncy body, you can explore hard-to-reach places much more easily. This is because when you float on the sides of cliffs or structures, the Trebhum rolls around, rather than just stopping and falling. With this mutation, you can masterfully push yourself up the sides of the cliffs to see what’s at the top.

higher mutations of the inflatable body the Eternal Cylinder

5. Mineral processor

There are many types of minerals in The Eternal Cylinder that you can find inside caves and shrines. However, there is nothing you can do with these minerals unless you have the Mineral Processor mutation.

Mutation of the mineral processor is rare and can be obtained from the fungus Lithotroph. This mushroom is only found on special Trebhum statues inside caves or shrines. This is what makes the Lithortoph mushroom so rare, as you won’t always find these Trebhum statues in a cave.

With the Mineral Processor mutation, you can refine any minerals you get in a special currency. This currency allows you to improve your Trebhum’s stats at unique shrines. So if you want the strongest Trebhum you can get, you have to refine every mineral you get.

major mineral processor mutations in the eternal cylinder beta

4. Third eye

The third eye is another rare mutation that is only found on unique statues of Trebhum. These statues can be found inside caves or shrines. Broken versions of these statues can also be found in the landscape if you just look around. The item on these statues is called the Amber Eye and eating it results in the Third Eye mutation.

The Third Eye allows you to keep track of everything you have recorded in your compendium, making it much easier to find materials or food. This can be useful when you need food or want to get your hands on a specific mutation.

higher mutations of the third eye the eternal cylinder

3. Aposematic skin

The world of Trebhum is full of hungry predators eager to eat them. Fortunately, Trebhum can protect himself with the Aposematic Skin mutation. You can get it from the Prickly Pome which grows on a peculiar pungent yellow plant, which is usually found in the desert, but there are some that conveniently grow in the starting area near the water.

Once you find a plant, you will see that the prickly pear may be just out of reach. In order to drop the fruit, you must spray water on it. You can now eat the Barbary Pone and get the Aposematic skin, which covers your Trebhum in spikes.

This skin will cause any predator to spit out that tries to eat your Trebhum, meaning you won’t have to fear for your life whenever a Zooshgarg or Omnogrom gets too close. It is one of the best defensive mutations of The eternal cylinder.

aposematic skin

2. Poisonous trunk

The Toxic Trunk mutation is one of the few offensive mutations that a Trebhum can obtain. It allows the Trebhum to project a poisonous liquid that damages everything it touches. This allows the Trebhum to defend themselves against predators. It is possible for Trebhum to kill most creatures with the acid from the toxic chest, if they manage to do enough damage.

But the poisonous trunk is not an easy mutation to obtain, as it comes from consuming the Tonglegrop acid pump. This can only be achieved by killing a Tonglegrop, the savannah’s supreme predator. Killing a Tonglegrop is no easy task. because these massive beasts can kill Trebhum in seconds.

However, they can be foiled! The best way to take down a Tonglegrop is to lure it towards Celestial Trewhaala, another aggressive predator who uses a ranged lightning attack on anything that comes close. In the beta, the only Celestial Trewhaala you encounter stays in one place, and the Trebhum’s small size makes it easy for them to hide. On the other hand, the Tonglegrop is way too big to hide behind anything. All you have to do is lure the Tonglegrop near the Celestiel Trewhaala, then hide behind a tree. You can now enjoy your new toxic chest!

There is another strategy for taking down a Tonglegrop, which is to lure two Tonglegrops together. This can be more difficult to do, as it is rare to have two Tonglegrops in the same area. If you manage to find two of them, simply lure them together and they’ll attack each other, letting you get two Tonglegrop Acid Pumps for free.


1. Wheel body

Of all the mutations The Eternal Cylinder beta, the Wheel Body is by far the best offensive mutation. This mutation gives the Trebhum a cylindrical-looking body and causes it to roll slower than normal. The downside is well worth it, as the Wheel Body mutation causes you to deal damage to whatever you ride in.

What makes the wheel body so good is the amount of damage it can deal. You can kill most creatures with the Wheel Body faster than with the Toxic Chest. Remember to be careful, because being close to some creatures also puts you at risk of taking damage.

The only creature Trebhum cannot face with the Wheel Body mutation is the Tonglegrop.

wheel body

You can get the wheel body mutation from the tubular pod which is hidden after the first set of pillars in the Eternal cylinder beta.

To find the tubular pod, look for a broken side pillar leading to a small ramp. You have to descend this pillar and use the ramp to pull your Trebhum into the air and land on top of a standing pillar.

If you want to see what all of these mutations look like in the game, check out my video below showcasing them all!

These are the 8 best mutations of The Eternal Cylinder beta. There are many more mutations in the game, giving Trebhum different ways to adapt to his surroundings. Since this was only a small glimpse of the whole game, I’m excited about the other mutations that lie ahead.

Stay with SQUAD for more Eternal cylinder content!

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